Biden Dilemma

The likely 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, is facing one of the biggest decisions of his candidacy to date.  He must select his vice-presidential running mate.   He has previously vowed to select a woman for the position.  The Democrats have always proclaimed themselves to be the party of diversity; with that in mind we would expect Biden to select a black woman.  Vice presidential selections have usually been done to shore up or broaden support from a group or region of the country in which the presidential candidate is weak.  John F. Kennedy picked Lyndon Johnson simply because the Massachusetts Kennedy needed to appeal to the South.  Johnson, a prominent Senator from Texas, was exactly what Kennedy needed to strengthen his approval in the South.  On occasion the selection has been used to “bury” the ambitions and careers of a competing politician.  In the early days of the Republic it actually fell to the runner up in the presidential election.  Few politicians actively campaign for the position because the position carries few responsibilities other than presiding over the Senate.  Biden (and many other party heads) have indicated that a woman is to be on the ticket with him.  In this election several women are actually pursuing that role.  Elizabeth Warren feels she deserves the spot since she was leading female candidate and remained in the race until the end.  She also was more in line with the progressive (Bernie Sanders) wing of the party and could bring that block of voters into the Biden camp.  Sanders supporters have the right to feel disenfranchised and believe that the System was rigged once again for the Establishment candidate.  A large block of Sanders voters sat out the 2016 election and may have helped Donald Trump get elected.  Kamala Harris fulfills all the Democrat’s diversity criteria as a black female.  She embarrassed Joe in the debates and pointed out some glaring defects in Biden’s record on race.  Biden was tough on drugs, and was a strong proponent of the 1994 Violent Crime Control & Law Enforcement Act that resulted in the mass incarceration of black men, tearing apart countless black families.  Biden opposed federal school busing and was a close associate of Senators Jesse Helms, James Eastland & Herman Talmadge, all of whom were staunch segregationists.  The Democratic Party has owned the black vote for decades even though it was the party of the KKK, Jim Crow laws and voter intimidation during the Reconstruction era.   Joe Biden can count on the black vote with or without Kamala Harris as his running mate.

“Sheltering in place” has created a Catch-22 for the Biden Camp.  It has protected Joe from humiliating public gaffs, but it appears that the social isolation is further aggravating his mental state.  The few times that Biden does appear (from the safety of his basement) on camera he looks more frail and confused than ever.  Contrast that with President Trump who is seen daily before the cameras and answers reporters questions without hesitation.  Trump is not afraid to venture out in public and has visited and encouraged businesses that are attempting to remain viable during this crisis.  The media wishes to report the negative and push a narrative of fear.  Despite all the negative reporting in the media and by members of his own Task Force, the President is always upbeat and uplifting.  If the Dems are fortunate enough to get Biden elected president I predict they will invoke the 25th Amendment to disqualify him thereby appointing his vice president to the office.   I know that Mr. Biden has promised to select a woman as his running mate but I think consideration should be given to the best candidate to be president, regardless of sex.  I seriously doubt that Joe Biden would ever complete a full 4-year term should he be elected.

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