Stealth Voter

The results of the latest Quinnipiac University poll of 1,323 self-identified registered voters gave Joe Biden a 50% to 39% lead over President Trump.  These same voters gave the President a 56% negative rating on how he was handling the COVID-19 crisis.  The poll was a phone survey and the primary question asked voters whether they would vote for Joe Biden or President Trump in November.  If you recall none of the polls taken in the 2016 election ever had Donald Trump in the lead yet our current president won all but the most liberal of states.  I don’t know who these polls contact, but they have never called me or any of my acquaintances.  I’m sure there is a liberal sampling error to all these polls because the results always lean in a liberal direction.  The media is no help with at least 96% of their reporting on the President is negative.  Despite the non-stop media criticism and the negative polls since Donald Trump first stepped on the political scene, I actually predicted (albeit quietly) that Donald Trump would win in 2016.  To me the answer was obvious; Donald Trump was speaking the language of the average American and voiced the concerns of everyone in my social circle.  Trump was calling out the dangers of China’s trade imbalance, of illegal immigration, of a defunded and disarmed military and an over-regulated business community.  Perhaps the Hollywood elitists, Silicon Valley geeks and the Ivy League snobs were happy with the status quo but working class Americans were getting the short end of the stick.  The last election brought an end to predictability thanks to the appearance of “stealth voters.”  The stealth voter will tell friends and pollsters that they will vote for whomever is running against candidate Trump.  In truth they like what Trump stands for and voted for him in 2016 and plans to vote for him again.  They won’t make their true feelings known publicly with the understanding they will suffer harassment and potential violence from those who hate Trump.  The voters who despise Donald Trump likewise despise anyone who supports our President.  Conservative voters can have friends with different points of view, but liberal voters believe conservatives (especially if you support Trump) are evil people and should be unfriended.  Even during a health crisis the Left continues to politicize every response at the federal level hoping that will increase the chances of a Democratic win in the 2020 presidential election.  The incompetence appears to have been at the state level.  The greatest number of illnesses and deaths tended to take place in “blue” states with Democratic governors.

Joe Biden is a seriously flawed candidate and even if I was a diehard Democrat I could not vote for him.  He does not have the mental capacity to handle the many domestic and foreign crises that a modern-day president faces.  Joe Biden is so fragile that he is afraid to leave his basement while our President travels around the country.  Trump is seen thanking and encouraging front line workers while Biden is sheltering in place.  That is a blessing for the Democrats because Biden is not making public gaffs and being confused as to his whereabouts.  Joe Biden can’t complete a thought without a major blunder; can you imagine him negotiating with Putin or other world leaders?  Our economy would never recover if the Democrats take over the White House and Congress.  In my view the stealth voters must come forward and save our nation from the disaster that would take place in a Biden administration.   I don’t believe in polls since Donald Trump entered onto the political stage.  Barring some disaster I fell that President Trump will be elected to a second term.

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