Plantation Joe

The Democrats have been able to rely on the support of black voters for decades.  It probably began with Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal and was solidified by Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and War on Poverty.  Republican presidential candidates have historically limited their efforts in courting the black vote in the belief that those efforts would be a waste of time.  Candidate Trump made more of an effort than his predecessors and was rewarded with a greater percentage of the black vote in 2016 than previous Republican candidates for president.  As the 2020 election approached the feeling was that perhaps President Trump could improve on that number.  The Trump economy had created the highest employment numbers among blacks, Hispanics and women in at least fifty years.  That has changed with the COVID-19 pandemic and the apparent selection of Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for president.  Joe Biden appears to believe he has the black vote to himself.  He chief claim to black voter loyalty is the fact he served as vice-president to Barack Obama for 8 years.  Joe seems to think he is one of the “bros” but his numerous slips of the tongue would tell a different story.  He has referred to President Obama as being “articulate, bright and clean” as if that is unusual in a black man.  In a recent interview on “The Breakfast Club” radio show Biden commented to his black host, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”  This should create outrage in the black community since Biden’s tone was condescending.  Biden’s plantation mentality is treating black voters like children who “owe” him their vote.  If black voters are looking for a degree of prosperity, they may want to reconsider their vote.  The large gains in jobs and wages that had taken place prior to the pandemic will likely return if Trump is re-elected.  Biden and the Democrats promise a return to higher taxes (personal & corporate) and return to over-regulation.  Taxes and regulations led to job losses as companies fled to foreign nations with lower corporate tax bases.  Democratic policies will take us back to fewer jobs and higher unemployment.

After his controversial statement Biden appealed to the Breakfast Club audience by saying, “Common man, look at my record.”  Let’s take a look at the Biden congressional record.  In 1975 Biden introduced a bill that effectively blocked the federal government from forced busing of inner-city students to suburban schools.  Next Biden adopted a tough stance on crime and drugs and co-sponsored two bills with Strom Thurmond that were particularly destructive to black communities.  The 1984 Comprehensive Crime Control Act and 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act necessitated mandatory sentences for drug possession and abolished parole for federal prisoners.  He encouraged the Clinton administration to espouse a tough stance on crime and helped push through the 1994 Violent Crime Control & Law Enforcement Act that resulted in the mass incarceration of black men and disintegration of numerous black families.  Although Biden has since expressed some regret for his past actions on crime, he never made any movement in the area of criminal justice reform.  Ironically the only criminal justice reform to take place in the past 20 years was done during the first years of the Trump presidency.  I’m not sure why Barack Obama picked Joe Biden as his running mate, but it certainly was not on his race record.

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