Blue State Blues

A majority of states have begun loosening social and work restrictions in an effort to “stop the hemorrhaging” of jobs and productivity.  With the loss of jobs states and communities were also losing income and tax revenue.  Many families were turning to food banks and unemployment to survive.  For some individuals it may be the first time in their life that they were unable to provide for their family.  Several states have stubbornly extended “sheltering in place” mandates into the summer and beyond.  New York Governor Cuomo refuses to even speculate as to a possible date when there will be a relaxing of restrictions.  While refusing to relax restrictions, Governor Cuomo is whining about the $8 billion in lost state revenue due to the pandemic.  New York City was hit extremely hard by the virus but the Governor did not deal with the crisis very well.  His classic response was to shut down one of the most vibrant cities on earth.  The longer he keeps the state and NYC closed down, the more businesses and revenue that will be lost.  The COVID-19 Task Force guidance was to shelter in place for several weeks to “flatten the curve” of new infections.  In the early days of the infection the numbers of those infected who required hospitalization was rising dramatically.  Governor Cuomo was rightly concerned that there may not be enough hospital beds and ventilators to care for the increase.  It has been nearly three months now and new infections have dropped throughout the nation except for a few “hot spots.”  New York City has seen a dramatic decrease in infections and the additional medical beds that were rushed to the city’s aid were scarcely used.  The hospital ship USNS Comfort has departed from NYC and the Javits Center is being returned from a makeshift hospital to its original function.  Despite all these good indicators, Cuomo still refuses to begin reducing statewide restrictions.  Infection rates have never been homogenous in states, concentrating primarily in densely populated cities like NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.  Why should the entire state be treated as if the infection rate was the same as that of the big cities?

As we return to normalcy one message is abundantly clear, red states are moving more quickly than blue states.  Red states tend to be more conservative and have a Republican governor whereas blue states tend to be liberal and run by Democratic governors.  Red states have already seen a rise in employment and revenue and will be much quicker to return to prosperity.  The blue states that have remained locked down will likely lose businesses and citizens to red states.  The “fears” of blue state governors is that there will be a second wave or spike in infections if they allow people to interact again.  California Governor Newsom has hinted that he may keep California shut down until we have a vaccine.  Red states have not seen a significant rise in infections with their stepwise approach of returning to normal.  Florida Governor DeSantis has expressed faith that his residents will act responsibly.  The infection numbers and death totals reflect that confidence was justified.  A recent poll revealed that less than half the population plan receive the vaccine when it is ready.  Does that mean that blue states will forever remain closed?  I believe blue states don’t want an economic recovery so as to hurt President Trump.  The American economy that Trump built was the “greatest show on earth” and the Democrats are out to destroy it by any means.  They don’t realize how this is hurting the working class but then the Democrats are no longer the party of the working class.  They work for George Soros and the billionaire class from Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and the Ivy League.  Donald Trump is the one who represents the interests of average Americans.  He is the one who can rebuild the economy not the tax & regulate Dems who will strangulate the recovery in its infancy.

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