Chaos in the Streets

American cities are burning as rioters and looters smash and grab, emptying large and small businesses alike and then burning them to the ground.  Police officers are overwhelmed by the shear number of thugs who roam the streets with bats, two by fours and firearms.  They fire bomb police and civilian vehicles and assault anyone attempting to stop them.  Mayors and governors are reluctant to call out the National Guard perhaps as a sign or weakness or further aggravating a volatile situation.  In the meantime rioters have a free reign to terrorize neighborhoods and take whatever they can “grab” in their arms.  The pictures of people pushing carts stacked with flat screen televisions is disturbing.  It is equally disturbing to see gangs of thugs attacking isolated police officers of attempting to run them down with cars.  I have never seen such lawlessness in my life and cowardly liberals and members of the MSM are fanning the flames of these riots.  Hollywood elitists are donating money, not to help burned out businesses, but for lawyers and bail to get these criminals back out on the streets.  These are not protestors by any means, these are rioters and thugs who have no regard for anyone but themselves.  They are certainly not honoring the memory of George Floyd as his own brother was pleading that this insanity stop.  For the first time in my life I am ashamed to say I’m an American.  Other nations who have always admired the U.S. for our freedoms and accomplishments are shocked by this uncivilized behavior.  If I were younger I would seriously consider leaving for another country.

Politicians have abandoned the people they are supposed to serve.  One of government’s primary roles is to protect its citizens.  Everyone likes to criticize the President but he is the only one willing to step forward with solutions.  In fact the Dems are trying to block the single action that is most likely to stop the madness, augmenting civilian police with military police.  Democrats in Congress are spastic over this action and will seek to block funding for any domestic troop deployment.  Democratic Senator Tim Kaine wishes to introduce an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act limiting the use of Defense Department funding against American citizens engaged in demonstrations.  The Posse Comitatus Act  prohibits the use of military forces in domestic law enforcement.  There is a way to circumvent this act by invoking The Insurrection Act of 1807 which permits the president to use U.S. troops to suppress a domestic insurrection if requested by a state governor.  The same Act contains a provision for the president to act unilaterally in certain extreme situations.  Most Americans agree with peaceful protesting but are fed up with the rioting and looting and are ready for it to come to an end.  Joe Biden gave a “feel good” speech but it lacked a single proposal to solve the violence.  How much of the country has to burn before Joe or any of the Democrats would do something to stop it? These are not protestors but anarchists.  Senator Chuck Schumer said the President’s actions were “blatantly unconstitutional.” Schumer also wanted the DoD Inspector General to launch an investigation into how the military is being used.   While Schumer is launching his investigations cities are being burned to the ground.  Now is the time for action and that is exactly what the President is doing.




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