Police Violence

The past several days have been especially hazardous for law enforcement.  The riotous individuals infiltrating the crowds of peaceful protestors have declared war on police.  The delinquent behavior began with graffiti, smashing windows and burning police vehicles.  As the rioters were emboldened the behavior became increasingly violent and was directed at members of law enforcement.  While the police were supposed to restrain themselves and maintain a defensive posture in most cases, the thugs were  assaulting officers with rocks, bricks and finally firearms.  Numerous officers have been shot since the rioting began and at least two have died.  While the rioters are allowed to employ whatever form of weaponry they choose against the police, members of law enforcement are to refrain from retaliation.  Any form of force by the police would immediately be labeled as being “police brutality.”  It is a no win situation for the police and in today’s environment it appears the only ally of the police is President Trump.  The National Guard has finally helped to restore some calm in Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. but Mayor DeBlasio stubbornly refuses any assistance in New York City.  DeBlasio also has eliminated bail in his city for all but the most serious of crimes.  As a result when NYPD arrest the rioters and looters these offenders are simply released back out onto the street.  That lessens respect for society and the law and these criminals will not have learned any lessons.  They laugh at a justice system that gives them a free pass to riot and steal as they please with no fear of retribution.  The police violence we are witnessing is not being committed by police but rather against police by lawless civilians.  Why would a rational person choose to be a police officer when civilians are allowed to insult, assault and even shoot a firearm at them?  After risking their lives to apprehend a criminal, the mayor or a liberal judge puts criminals back out on the street.  Last night a police officer was approached from behind and stabbed in the neck while patrolling in Brooklyn.  A struggle ensued and two other officers suffered gunshot wounds.   The level of recent violence, prompted the President to suggest that he would use whatever force (including military forces) was necessary to quell the unrest.  The response from the Leftist MSM was predictable.  But even former Secretary of Defense Mattis strongly rejected the idea.  Trump’s tough talk was actually comforting at a time when it appeared that the nation was out of control

Some protestors are accusing law enforcement of committing racial genocide on African-Americans.  Statistics gathered by the Washington Post don’t substantiate those claims.  In 2019 there were 371 police shootings involving whites and 236 involving blacks.  In most of the shootings suspects were armed and there were only 10 incidents of unarmed blacks being shot by police.  In 5 of those 10 incidents officers were found criminally negligent.  During the same period (2019) 48 police officers were killed in the line of duty.  The vast majority of police are simply trying to enforce the law and have no malice toward any individual (or race).   Demands of the protestors include defunding the police and ending law enforcement altogether.  Such a society would be a lawless one ruled by criminals and gangs.  The destruction and looting that has taken place the past week would be a daily occurrence if there were no police to stop it.  The absence of police would not create an utopia because there are those who would view such a situation as an opportunity to take what does not belong to them.  When hoodlums begin roaming through your neighborhood you will be wishing there are police coming to the rescue.   To end law enforcement would end our nation as we know it.  A liberal takeover of government would create a society where criminals have more rights than law-abiding citizens.  In the name of preserving the civil liberties of criminals our own liberties would be sacrificed.  That is not the America I wish to live in.

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