Bolton Betrayal

The release of John Bolton’s “tell all” book of memoirs on his time in the Trump White House was to hit book stores on Tuesday. The book is titled “The Room Where It Happened” and it is controversial for a number of reasons. Many are not only questioning information at the level of security clearance but on the accuracy of the material. Some of the individuals mentioned in the book have refuted incidents that Bolton references as factual. Certainly the timing of the book release is suspect since the presidential election is only five months away. The book release appears to have been timed to produce the maximal amount of damage to the Trump re-election campaign. The Trump Administration filed suit to block release of the book citing national security concerns but the suit appears to have been too little, too late. Many book stores have already received large shipments of Bolton’s book and are set to go in four days. It appears there is little that can be done at this point to prevent Bolton’s poisonous appraisal of President Trump to go public. Bolton served briefly as President Trump’s National Security Advisor. The President, as was widely known, liked a variety of opinions and Bolton was known to be hawkish to say the least. He (along with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld) advocated for the War in Iraq. He also pushed for pre-emptive strikes against North Korea and Iran and believed that the U.S. should seek regime change in Tehran. He was influential in convincing President Trump to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. Trump campaigned with promises to end wars in the Middle East and avoid future entanglements unless essential to national security. President Trump was hopeful for a breakthrough in negotiating nuclear disarmament with North Korea. According to sources close to the situation the failure of the second Trump – Kim Jung Un summit in Vietnam was largely due to Bolton’s intransigence. Trump ultimately asked for Bolton’s resignation due to the lack of agreement on critical issues.

Bolton had presidential aspirations of his own and I doubt that any of the presidents for whom he served measured up to his own high standards. The fact that he never reached his highest aspirations likely left him bitter. Perhaps if he did not gain the presidency from his time in Washington, he will at the least attain wealth and riches. Mr. Bolton received a law degree from Yale University and served under presidents Reagan, Bush I & II, and Trump. He refused to testify against his former boss, President Trump during the impeachment trial, preferring to save material for a book deal. The Democrats are forever bitter but never pressured Bolton to testify. Bolton now figures to collect millions of dollars from his salacious Trump stories and as the old expression goes, “laughing all the way to the bank.”

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