Democrat Trickery

The MSM had a field day last night and today pointing out that the Trump rally last night was not the usual “hanging from the rafters” event. The “never say anything positive” CNN & MSNBC were highly critical of the indoor rally to begin with as highly risky and careless of Trump to be holding such an event. These same networks described huge protest gatherings as “beautiful” things to behold. Their bias is obvious and the hypocrisy couldn’t be more laughable. These are not news networks but political propaganda machines for the Democratic Party. Instead of remaining quiet and allowing the public to believe that there was a decrease in enthusiasm for the President’s rally, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) couldn’t contain herself. She bragged how she had engaged her followers to interfere with the online demand for tickets. By using her surrogates to purchase tickets (and then not show up) it made the attendance appear lower than it would have otherwise been. The purchasing of tickets by non-Trump followers not only lowered attendance but it hurt real Trump supporters who truly wished to be present. Ironically AOC took away some of the MSM’s criticism of the rally since the venue was less crowded and not as likely to spread the COVID-19 virus. There were also reports of attendees being prevented from reaching the arena by protestors. Leftist demonstrators blocked entrances and intimidated Trump supporters. This has been the Left’s tactic since Trump first declared his candidacy. Trump backers are continually harassed, blocked on internet sites and physically assaulted for displaying any Trump clothing or banners. The most effective weapon against Leftists bullies is to re-elect the President to a second term. Freedom imparts a responsibility to protect that freedom against those who would threaten to take it from us.

I listened to much of the President’s speech last night. He is not the typical politician and I don’t think there will ever be another president the likes of him again. He generates such energy and enthusiasm without the need for a teleprompter. He manages to bring out the patriotism in nearly every American. If it were not for the constant attacks of the media he would likely be the most popular president ever. Whether Donald Trump wins a second term or not I will never look at Democrats or the media in a favorable light ever again. I once read that Dentists were among the least respected professions but I would have to say that politicians are definitely at the bottom of my list. The biblical tax collector is more respected in my book than a politician.

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