A House Divided

Abraham Lincoln was once quoted as saying, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Today we are witnessing the Lincoln prophesy being fulfilled by radical extremist groups who wish to violently erase American history. This nation has not always been perfect, employing indentured servants and slaves to clear lands and work large farms & plantations. The nation fought a long, costly civil war to end slavery and preserve the union. After the war Congress and the states passed a series of amendments to the Constitution to free the slaves (13th), grant them citizenship (14th) and give them the right to vote (15th). History is not to be ignored (or erased) and serves as a reminder of where we have been and how we have advanced. We are imperfect as individuals and as a nation but we are constantly striving to improve life for all Americans. History highlights both the good and the bad things we have done; to only list our good efforts would rob us of the opportunity to learn from our failures. We gain MORE from past mistakes than from past accomplishments. Our nation has been divided since Donald Trump first announced for office. In a brief moment Trump went from one of the most admired, successful businessmen in the country to one of the most hated men in the country. The was the same altruistic, patriotic man who wanted to restore the economic and military status of the country he loved. The hatred deepened when he actually won the election and became president. He faced opposition at every turn and nearly 100% opposition in the media. Professional politicians in Washington intentionally undermined his presidency and the national police force (FBI) illegally launched an investigation based on lies and illegal wire taps. When that failed to find a “Russian collusion” the House of Representatives impeached him because the Democrats held a majority. He was not convicted by the Republican-majority Senate. The relentless opposition in Congress and the MSM continues 24 hours a day. I have never seen ANYONE treated so poorly as our President.

The MSM has managed to divide the entire country. The radical Left riots, burns businesses and tears down symbols of history. University professors have convinced them that it is justifiable to destroy anything or anyone that they disagree with. The end justifies the means. Our campuses have become breeding grounds of Marxism and anarchy. These are the tactics that were employed by monsters such as Hitler, Lenin and Mao. Each of these leaders removed the police and replaced them with thugs who enforced their own form of “justice.” Liberal Democratic Mayors are allowing lawlessness to continue in our cities and instructing police to “stand down” and allow much of this violence to take place. The more we allow this type of behavior to take place, the more we will see. In one month over 3 million new background checks were requested through the national data bank. These are presumably new firearm purchases for self-protection. Most gun shops can’t keep inventory on hand because sales have skyrocketed. If Americans can’t count on a police force in an emergency they will defend themselves. Joe Biden and the Dems have promised additional gun control for years. They will likely fall in line with the radical calls to defund the police. Many influential members of the party are already calling for such measures and could be part of the party platform. That leaves but one choice in November, Americans must re-elect the man who rebuilt the military and stands WITH law enforcement, not against them. Law enforcement could use some additional training and employ alternate, less deadly techniques. But a society without police is a lawless, chaotic state that no decent American wishes to experience.

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