Blame Game

The JV team of Barack Obama and Joe Biden reunited to slam the President and his response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This coming from the administration that made a habit of “leading from behind” on almost every domestic and international issue facing our nation during their 8-year tenure in office. Although the MSM was extremely kind to them, the duo did a less than spectacular job managing the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic in 2009-2010. In fact they depleted nearly all of the personal protective equipment (PPE) from the federal stockpile. One of the greatest criticisms of the President Trump was the lack of PPE at the onset of the pandemic, however the President was not likely briefed in his short time in office on the need for a stockpile of PPE. Remember Trump had never run for ANY political office and holdovers from the previous administration should have aided in this area. Many within Washington WANTED this president to fail and this could have been an example of that attempt to undermine the Trump presidency. More disturbing is the fact that Dr. Fauci predicted the pandemic several years ago. How would he have known that unless he had known of the research on coronaviruses that was taking place at the Wuhan Institute of Virology? Dr. Fauci had ties with the World Health Organization (WHO), an organization that giving preferential treatment to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Dr. Fauci publicly promotes the belief that the virus originated in bats and jumped through an intermediary species to eventually reach humans. I tend to believe the virus was accidentally released from the Wuhan lab. The CCP will not allow inspectors from the U.S. or other nations to inspect the Wuhan lab so it will be impossible to determine if the virus did originate in the lab. Why does China feel the need to study these viruses in the lab other than as potential biologic weapons? They should have perfected the vaccine simultaneously. The chief principle of biologic warfare is your population must be immune to the agent you deploy against the enemy. China makes no secret that their goal is to be the pre-eminent military, technological and aerospace world leader. They will use any means necessary to achieve that goal!

Polls indicate that more Americans believe that Biden would have done a better job managing the COVID-19 pandemic that Trump. That is ridiculous since Trump was simply following the advice of his medical team in most instances. Fortunately Trump used his own logical thinking when he banned flights from China and then Europe. The President was labeled a racist by Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, the MSM and even some within his own party. Even his medical team did not recommend such a move initially. The President has good natural instincts and life experiences. I would trust his judgement over Joe Biden EVERY time. The President invoked the Defense Authorization Act to produce ventilators and PPE. He enlisted the Army Corps of Engineers to build temporary hospitals and moved hospital ships to both coasts. What would Joe Biden have done differently? I doubt seriously that he would have done as much! Thank God our current president was in the White House and not Joe Biden. Joe Biden is incompetent to be president and deal with domestic or international crises. Whether you like the President’s personality or his tweets, consider the capabilities of both candidates before making your decision.

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