Gone Too Far

The cancel culture has been destroying statues and attempting to remove every bit of American history that the self-appointed conscience of society finds offensive. The police killing of George Floyd triggered a crusade for racial justice that made everyone examine their own beliefs and behavior. The movement that began with good intent was taken over by violent elements that turned to rioting and looting. The city of Minneapolis estimated that some $500 million damage was done in the days of chaos and destruction that followed. George Floyd was no saint, but his treatment at the hands of the police was a terrible misjustice. One thing we have learned from the events that have followed the death of Mr. Floyd is that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is more interested in politics than black lives. They seem little concerned with all the shooting deaths (black on black) that take place every weekend in Chicago, NYC, Detroit and other major cities. Donations to the organization help support Democratic candidates and Planned Parenthood (that aborts thousands more black babies than whites). BLM are active participants in the cancel culture that demanded the removal of every Confederate statue on public display. Their Democrat allies in Congress have likewise insisted on the removal of all Confederate statues in the Capitol. They didn’t stop there but also demanded removal of statues honoring many of our nation’s founders. The early days of our nation were marked by slavery and both Washington and Jefferson owned slaves. Thomas Jefferson fathered children with at least one of his slaves. The Union general who won the Civil War, Ulysses Grant, owned slaves at one time and therefore the cancel culture has called for the removal of Grant statues as well. Professional athletic teams are under pressure to change team names perceived as offensive to certain groups. Nearly every aspect of our society could be viewed as offensive to someone. Where will the insanity end?

Congress just passed the Defense Authorization Act that is basically our defense budget. This year’s budget provides a much-needed 3% pay increase for military personnel. Democrats added the provision that ten military installations named for Confederate generals be renamed. The renaming process can take place over time and among those bases include Fort Bragg, Fort Hood and Fort Benning. The President has threatened to veto the bill if such a provision were included. I have never heard a black soldier complain that the post name was offensive to him/her. Every soldier who trained or served at these posts had greater concerns than the name of the post. Unless you were a scholar of the Civil War, you would not likely have even known the significance of the post name. I often hear Democrats protesting the fact we should not be honoring “traitors” by naming military bases after them. I know for a fact that Robert E. Lee was offered the command of the Union Army but when his native state of Virginia joined the Confederacy he left the Union. It was a difficult decision for him but he had to protect his native Virginia. Many Confederate generals and soldiers were probably facing the same quandary. Most of us would choose to defend our homes in a similar situation. Changing the name of a post that has stood for 75 years seems petty. Removing Confederate names will not remove that part of our history. The soldiers on both sides were valiant but fortunately the Union was preserved.

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