Disgraceful Display

Jerry Nadler and his attack dogs went after Attorney General William Barr yesterday. Barr appeared voluntarily to “answer” questions on a variety of topics. Interestingly Chairman Nadler was in a minor auto accident on the way to the hearing, delaying the start of the session by about an hour. Nadler began the session with a detailed attack on Barr and did not allow a response to the obvious one-sided point of view. In fact the entire session was marked by repeated interruptions every time Barr did attempt to answer a question. Barr was even denied a 5-minute break by Nadler. The AG responded, “I waited an hour for you and I can’t even have 5 minutes to grab a bite to eat.” This was not a question and answer session but a police-style interrogation in which House Democrats launched accusations at the AG and then didn’t allow him the opportunity to respond. The only time Barr was permitted to speak was when a Republican congressman sacrificed their 2 minutes for a Barr response. Many of the Democratic attacks were unfair and blatantly untrue. This was a political attack on the Trump administration and Barr served as a Trump surrogate. Yesterday was the latest example of a House of Representatives that has focused the past 3 1/2 years on trying to bring down the President and has done little else. They were still too embroiled in their impeachment trial to notice a brewing viral pandemic yet blame Trump for a lack of vigilance. Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of racism for banning flights from China while she herself encouraged people to shop and dine in Chinatown. Despite following the advise of his medical team and taking numerous measures to speed the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators, polls suggest that the majority of Americans believe he has done a poor job of dealing with the virus. The media has promoted that premise by constantly inflating infection numbers and instilling public fear. Whether attacking Barr or inflating COVID-19 infection numbers, the Democrats have one goal in mind; a sweep of Congress and the White House in November.

Attorney General Barr fought back valiantly yesterday when he finally had an opportunity to speak. He justified the use of federal agents to defend federal buildings by suggesting what if protesters attacked a courthouse down the road from the Capitol. He then described how federal agents were being assaulted with professional weapons daily for the past 60 days and that several of them may have permanently lost eye sight as a result. Although Congressman Nadler is quoted as saying that Antifa is a “myth” the rioters are organized and armed like a professional militia. As of today negotiations have been reached with the State Department and local officials to remove federal agents. State Police have agreed to assume the responsibility of protecting federal buildings as of today. It remains to be seen if Mayor Wheeler is correct that federal agents are inciting the Portland violence. My money is on continued violence and perhaps an acceleration of it.

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