Tough Talk

Oregon Governor Kate Brown was boasting that she had negotiated a withdrawal of federal agents from Portland yesterday. After her embarrassing and totally inept response to the terrorist activity in Portland over the past 61 days, she is the one “blinking” in her showdown with Uncle Sam. Oregon State Police will take over the security of the vicinity around the federal court that has been guarded by members of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Although Governor Brown stated that federal “troops” would be leaving areas, US Marshalls are assigned to protecting the judges and lawyers within the court and CANNOT leave the federal court. Federal agents and other DHS officers will retreat to the interior of the building out of public view. They will not depart Portland until there is proof the federal court is secure in the hands of State and local police. If only Governor Brown had acted as tough toward the anarchists as she is acting toward federal agents this could have ended weeks earlier. Mayor Ted Wheeler has suddenly gone silent since his encounter with the “protesters.” What a blow to his inflated ego; instead of being treated as a conquering hero the crowd shouted for his resignation. Both the Oregon Governor and Portland Mayor fail to understand that the federal government is obligated to protect federal property. If local authorities are willing and capable of doing so, then there is no need for federal involvement. In this case it was the failure of both local authorities to carry out their executive functions that forced the hand of Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf to send federal agents into Portland.

Governor Brown made the statement that sending federal “troops” to Portland was political. She was correct, but the party playing politics is the Democratic Party. They falsely believe that the more chaos created, the more poorly that reflects on the Trump presidency. I believe this will backfire on the Dems and work in favor of the “law and order” president. We may see a wholesale removal of Democratic leaders of major cities and states where liberal policies have created riots and destruction. There will be an exodus from major cities with liberal policies and high crime rates. Calls for defunding the police will further drive a migration to Red states that support law enforcement and have lower tax rates. It appears these liberal mayors will be facing a double whammy: rising costs and a shrinking tax base.

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