Political Sniping

When it comes to the selection of an “honorable” career with which to pursue I doubt that anyone would give serious consideration to that of a political career. The more I see of politicians and the political process the more disgusted I become. Although politicians campaign on a message of helping their constituents, the only individuals they are interested in helping is themselves. I watched several hours of the White House Coronavirus Task Force testimony before the House panel today. The Task Force consisted of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Admiral Brett Giroir and Dr. Robert Redfield. With an upcoming presidential election the Democrats are using every opportunity to take shots at President Trump, blaming him for the rising numbers of COVID-19 infections. They are also blaming him for inadequate testing supplies (despite the fact the U.S. has administered over 50 million tests) and other shortages. The tone of the hearing was set at the onset by Committee Chair Jim Clyburn of South Carolina who attacked President Trump’s handling of the pandemic. In his introductory statement Clyburn said Trump failed on testing and lack of a national “plan.” He concluded with a final comment, “We do not need to lose another 150,000 American lives. But if we do not make drastic changes now, this tragic outcome is well within the realm of possibility.” The President has been criticized for everything he has said and done since first announcing for the presidency. Dr. Redfield spoke several times responding to various questions on lowering infection rates in the U.S. He emphasized that it is up to personal responsibility. Dr. Fauci repeatedly stated the need to avoid large gatherings where you are both more likely to be infected with the virus and to spread it (virus).

Trump has been following the advice of his Task Force from Day 1. If the President’s policies failed it was a failure of the Task Force. The Task Force has had to modify it’s knowledge and treatment of the virus over time. The media focused on the sickest patients creating unnecessary public fear and panic. Politicians capitalize on every crisis, and this is no different. They were able to agree on several stimulus bills to help small businesses in the belief that the pandemic would be short-lived. Now that infection rates have risen, more businesses have laid off workers, forcing Congress to look at yet another relief package. Congress is currently at a stalemate and can’t agree on the latest relief bill. The HERO bill passed by the House was loaded with unnecessary items that would add another $3 trillion to an already inflated national debt. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer feel they have the upper hand and will not compromise on ANY bill supported by the Republicans. Mitch McConnell is more focused on unemployment money and protection against eviction for those unable to pay rent or make mortgage payments. McConnell is also insistent on liability protection for employers who open businesses against lawsuits from employees who get sick after returning to work. The Democrats believe that if nothing gets passed, the Republicans will be blamed. With several key Senate seats at stake, plus the presidency Schumer and Pelosi will gamble with the lives of poor Americans for their political gain. Politicians are scoundrels and I can’t imagine anyone aspiring to become one intentionally.

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