No Police, No Peace

The Seattle City Council voted to reduce the police budget and to cut the salary of the Police Chief. The vote was a near-unanimous 7-1 with the only dissenting vote being placed as a protest vote. That council member actually believed that the cuts were not deep enough. Seattle has been the hotbed of the radical Antifa movement and has seen more than its share of violence over the years. The latest decisions of the Seattle City Council led to the resignation of the first black female police chief in the nation. The loudest, most radical voices in Seattle (as well as other liberal cities) are calling for the defunding (and in some cases disbanding) of the police. This year has seen a rise in violent crime, particularly gun violence at the very same time vocal elements are calling for defunding police departments. The war on police began under President Obama who was often critical of police encounters with civilians. Ambushes of police and shootings during routine stops have risen over the past several years. The media is quick to indict police actions before the completion of an investigation. Such irresponsible action solidifies the image of police as “enemies” of the community instead of community protectors. Most police officers enter the profession our of a desire to serve and make a difference in the lives of their neighbors. Under current attitudes and conditions, who is going to want to become a police officer and become a target for every radical with a firearm? The only way to maintain law and order in a society is with a well-trained police force. I doubt that the majority of the citizens of Seattle (and other cities) are wanting fewer police patrolling the streets. The city of Seattle will lose 100 police officers and a police chief who has served the city for many years and was devoted to her job and her city.

After the well-publicized deaths of several blacks at the hands of police, the violent protests initiated by Antifa were joined by the Black Lives Matter movement and spread beyond the Northwest to other major cities Rioting, destruction and looting marked the protests. In several situations the National Guard had to be mobilized to gain control. Violence will not end until the perpetrators are arrested and prosecuted. The response in New York City to the violence there was to cut $1 billion from the city’s police budget and eliminate their plain clothes division. The predicted response was a rise in crime, especially shootings which are at record levels. Despite cutting the police budget DeBlasio has the funds to paint a large BLM mural in front of Trump Tower. Other large cities are also cutting their own police budgets. This will especially hurt the poorest sections of these cities where a greater proportion of the crime tends to occur. Predictably gun sales have skyrocketed and the TSA reports confiscating 15 firearms for every 100 passengers screened at airports. Without a police force the citizenry feels the need to arm themselves. To paraphrase a BLM chant, “No police, No peace.”

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