Post Office Woes

Nancy Pelosi says that the President is attempting to sabotage the upcoming election by defunding the Post Office. That is perhaps her biggest lie yet as that agency recently was granted a $10 billion loan in the most recent CARES Act. Now Democrats are asking for an additional $25 billion as part of the fourth coronavirus stimulus package. The House bill included $3.5 billion in election resources to ensure that the Post Office would be prepared for the increase in volume with mail in voting. The Post Office handles some 471 million letters a day and have reassured Congress that they are prepared for another 100 million or so mail in ballots. The problem will likely lie at the state level, particularly in those states who have recently initiated expanded mail in ballots. Delivering the ballots is the easy part of the process, each state must have enough staffers who can verify the validity of each ballot and log the results. In primary elections earlier this year 20% of ballots were rejected for various irregularities. If there are an equal number of rejected ballots in November it may be weeks before the outcome of the presidential election is known. Some states have just recently expanded the mail in procedure over COVID-19 concerns. The most successful states, however have been utilizing the concept for many years and refining it over time. To believe they can institute a complicated process in such a short period of time is asking for trouble. Pelosi and her allies in Congress are targeting the wrong issue when they believe the problem with mail in voting will lie in the Post Office. Like any government agency, the Post Office has never run efficiently. They run deficits every year but manage to deliver mail (including medications) in a timely manner despite what Pelosi says. Over 90% of social security checks are delivered by direct deposit so the elderly are not going without their “checks.”

Louis DeJoy, appointed Postmaster General in June, and Robert Duncan, the chairman of the Postal Service Board of Governors, have agreed to appear before the Democratic-led House Oversight and Reform Committee. They are expected to be grilled over changes that have been instituted (such as decreased overtime) that the Democrats believe are intended to delay the delivery of voter ballots. DeJoy, a former businessman, was attempting to make the Post Office a bit more self-sustaining. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney of New York, who chairs the House Oversight Committee, wants to see all documents related to the new policies implemented at the Post Office. It would make more sense to increase the number of polling stations and extend the voting period for “in person” voting. Those who feel unable to vote in person (presumably for medical reasons) can request an absentee ballot. Absentee ballots have been in existence for some 150 years and are vastly different from the large scale “vote by mail” proposal. Anyone capable of wearing a mask and going to the grocery store or local Home Depot should equally be capable of going to a polling station to vote. Large scale voting by mail is too easily tampered with and final results may not be known for days to weeks.

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