Killer Joe

Joe Biden is riding a wave of enthusiasm during the Democratic National Convention (DNC). The convention has been about as exciting as watching paint dry and just about as informative. We learned that the man who built the greatest economy in the world, decreased unemployment in women and minorities to their lowest levels in history and restored our military is a terrible president. The worst president in my lifetime (Barack Obama) was particularly harsh in his criticism of President Trump. I suspect much of the Obama bitterness is the fact that Trump’s accomplishments dwarfed eight years of the Obama/Biden administration. Trump simply applied business principles (lower taxes and fewer regulations) to the economy, something that Reagan had proven over thirty years ago. The DNC has done little more than to attack the President rather than inform voters as to what Joe Biden would do better. Most voters who plan to vote for Biden are not enthusiastically placing their vote FOR Biden but AGAINST the President. How can the Democrats preach a message of unity when they constantly attack the President and his supporters. I’m not alone when I say, “I will NEVER feel safe and comfortable with the Democrats in power!” They stand for killing babies, taking our guns, defunding the police, raising taxes and open borders. Although Joe has hinted at some of his plans he is intentionally silent so the Democrats can “have their way” once Joe is in power. If the Democrats take over the Senate and retain control of the House, they will transform the country in a radical way.

Polls have indicated that voters believe Biden would handle the COVID-19 crisis better than Trump. If Biden had been the president, thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) more Americans would have died. When President Trump halted flights from China (then from Europe) Biden & Pelosi called the President xenophobic and a racist. How long would Biden have waited before taking such a simple step to halt infected individuals from entering the country. President did not take the virus lightly; he followed the advice of his task force in the early stages of the infection and was willing to shut down the entire country at their recommendation. He watched his prized economy go down and Americans lose their jobs. The Democrats are trying to blame the current unemployment on him, an accusation that is completely unfair. Had Joe Biden been in charge MANY more Americans would have died due to his hesitation to act. It was Trump’s business background that enabled him to utilize the Defense Authorization Act to get American companies manufacturing ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE). I seriously doubt Joe Biden would have been as successful. The media makes Joe Biden out to be a genius, but Joe was a C+ student at best, graduating 76 out of a class of 85 in law school. He has been in politics all his adult life and has little to show for it. Get real people, this is not the person we want in charge of the greatest country on earth.

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