Saving America

Joe Biden’s nomination acceptance speech, and the entire Democratic National Convention (DNC), focused on “saving America” from Donald Trump and the evils of our society. Although proclaiming a message of “uniting the nation” and choosing light over darkness, the entire convention was very dark and negative. The primary focus of every speaker was proclaiming how terrible the current occupant of the White House is and how Joe Biden will “bring us all together.” Biden has had some fifty years to do just that and his own statements have only FURTHER divided us by race. I never heard any policy statements at the convention by Joe or anyone else. Bernie Sanders gave us a glimpse into what we could expect if Biden were elected. Sanders, a radical leftist, said that what was once considered radical is now mainstream. He has also said that Biden would be “the most progressive president since Franklin Roosevelt.” That in itself is frightening since the goal of Roosevelt was likely a socialist state. We do know that Biden has said he plans to raise taxes substantially (personal & corporate), grant citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens and provide them “free” health care and social security benefits. He has also admitted a willingness to “reallocate” funds away from law enforcement, at a time when rioting & shootings are steeply rising. I was disappointed that so many speakers insisted America was “systemically racist.” I guess the word never reached other countries because caravans consisting of thousands of Central Americans had been on the march to our southern border until Mexico put a halt to that. Cubans and Haitians are willing to risk their lives on anything that floats in an attempt to reach America. So the man who has been in Washington politics for nearly 50 years, eight years of that as part of the Obama administration, is suddenly going to unite the country and cure the country of systemic racism. His 1994 Crime Bill jailed many of the voters he expects will vote for him on November 3. I suppose Biden is hoping the black community memory is as short as his own!

The most disgusting speakers at the DNC were ex-president Obama and his disgraced Secretary of State John Kerry. Together they put together the worst foreign policy since Jimmy Carter. John Kerry spoke of how he put together a coalition of nations to fight ISIS. That was some coalition because ISIS (JV team as Obama described them) controlled a huge swath of territory that was growing by the day when President Trump took them on and defeated them quickly. Then there is the famous “red line” that Obama laid down on President Assad in Syria if he used chemical weapons. Assad then dropped barrel bombs of chlorine gas on civilians (including women, children and babies) and Obama did NOTHING. Obama and Kerry “negotiated” a horrendous deal with Iran that provided them a pathway to nuclear weapons. It was a one-sided deal that Obama had to have for his “legacy.” The Iran deal not only provided a path to nukes, but gave them the funds: $1.5 billion in unmarked bills that were flown to Tehran in the middle of the night in a private plane. The Obama/Biden/Kerry administration legacy was one of leaving this nation more racially divided, the Middle East in a mess and a belief that the police are the enemy. Great job Joe, what can you do for an encore?

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