The mayor of Portland, Oregon, Ted Wheeler gave a speech this afternoon addressing the killing of a white protester that took place yesterday in downtown Portland. Wheeler, a Democratic mayor, has refused federal assistance throughout the over 3-months of violence and destruction that has taken place in his city. When federal agents entered his city to protect a federal courthouse, Wheeler whined and moaned until the agents backed off. The mayor insisted the feds were the cause of the violence. What do you know, the violence has never stopped; what do you have to say now Mr. Mayor? While Wheeler has failed to halt the destruction of his own city, he is now blaming Trump for the killing that took place in the city under his control (after expelling the federal agents). The trouble began when a caravan of Trump supporters entered the downtown area and clashed with the ever present BLM protesters. I am not condoning the Trump caravan whose members were likely anticipating a clash once they reached Portland. Mayor Wheeler has had over 3 months to remove the protesters from his downtown area. He knows the “protesters” who show up at night are there to cause trouble. If allowed to continue, counter protests were likely to eventually take place and images of Charlottesville come to mind when two opposing groups clash. The mayor called Trump a racist (among other names) and refused to accept any responsibility himself. He is a spineless coward who needs to be voted out of office. He will lose businesses and many of his citizens who undoubtedly no longer feel safe in a once treasured city. The only way he can rebuild destroyed businesses is by increasing property and sales taxes, a fact that may force others to leave. Liberal leaders have ruined cities and states through reckless policies. Voters must hold them accountable by voting them out of office.

Since Donald Trump first announced his candidacy the MSM has promoted a narrative that he is a racist. During the Republican National Convention (RNC) Herschel Walker stated that he has known Donald Trump for 37 years and has babysat his children. Having grown up in Georgia he has experience racism and knows it when he sees it. He stated unequivocally that Donald Trump is not a racist. In fact Walker said that Trump treats EVERYONE he meets with respect whatever their role in life. I think the MSM can’t stand the fact that someone of Trump’s stature is a NICE guy so they have to tell lies about him. If President Trump happens to lose on November 3, the biggest loser would be the United States of America, a country he loves with his whole heart! Why do you think he has such a loyal following? If he was a true racist and a liar, no one would support him. People WILL walk across broken glass to vote for him, including myself.

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