Duck, Dodge, Hide

Joe Biden emerges from his basement from time to time, recites his scripted speech, and then retreats back into his safe space once again. The Democratic nominee finally spoke out against the violence taking place in Kenosha, Portland and other major cities ONLY because polls indicated that law and order was resonating with suburban women. Historically the economy has been the top issue in presidential elections, but this year is different. Both COVID-19 and violence in the streets have created threats to our health and safety. The coronavirus is a greater fear since it is invisible and much is still unknown within the medical and scientific community. Violence in the streets, although a more tangible threat, is something over which we have more control. Biden accused the President (as have others) for the violence that is taking place in Kenosha and Portland. As Biden stated, “this is Trump’s America.” So does that mean that the Obama/Biden administration was responsible for all the violence that took place during the 8 years they were in office? I guess he forgot about the Michael Brown shooting and all the rioting that took place after that incident in Ferguson, the Orlando shooting, and others. Was that the Obama/Biden administration’s responsibility? Many of the complaints between police and the minority community began under the Obama/Biden administration. Obama was elected with the hope of improved race relations and help for inner cities. Instead police became hated and the targets of disrespect and increasing violence. Despite the accusations of Biden and others, I don’t believe most Americans hold the President responsible for the pandemic nor the violence in Democratically-run cities. The President was wise in labeling the virus “China Virus” indicating the irresponsible lack of containment by the Communist Chinese Party (CCP). Knowing there was an outbreak of the virus they permitted citizens of Wuhan, China to travel throughout the world but blocked travel to other cities within China. That sort of behavior is criminal.

After reading his speech from the teleprompter Joe Biden turned and walked away, not taking any questions from the press corps. The liberal MSM allows him to get away with his avoidance behavior. Does he plan to dodge the media until election day? I still believe he will find some excuse to dodge the debates as well. One notable comment from his speech yesterday was his statement that he will not ban fracking. During his Democratic debates he made the COMPLETE opposite statement. So which is it joe? With his leaning to the Left and strong partnership with Bernie Sanders, you know where Joe REALLY stands. Biden will say ANYTHING to get elected. Trump isn’t perfect but you can trust he will follow through on what he says. In case Joe doesn’t understand how the Constitution works, the President can only send troops into cities to calm violence is if he (President) declares an insurrection. The proud (and foolish) Democratic mayors and Governors must swallow their pride and ask for help. God help us if we depend on these fools.

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