Hair Hypocrisy

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, was seen on security video inside a hair salon in a city and state in which every salon is supposed to be closed. It has long been clear to the public that members of Congress feel that they are not subject to the same rules that apply to their constituents. Members of Congress have their own retirement, health care and security force. They are exempt from the very laws they pass and as Nancy Pelosi demonstrated, she is entitled to special favors. Congress is essentially an elite country club in which the “do as I say, not as I do” philosophy lives on. To make matters worse, Pelosi was not wearing a mask while indoors at the salon. She preaches constantly for the need to wear a mask and once again is critical of the President for not wearing a mask at all times in public. But then rules don’t apply to her, just to everyone else. She also harshly criticizes the President when he plays golf to relieve the stresses of dealing with constant criticism from the MSM and certain members of Congress. We heard crickets from her and others when Obama played golf after being informed on the beheading of a journalist. I’m sure Pelosi is not the only Congressional hypocrite, but her position as Speaker of the House places her in a position where she should set the standard by which others follow. Hopefully this will motivate those in her district to vote her out of office. We desperately need term limits to weed out people who have become too self-centered instead of focusing on those they are supposed to serve. Congress will never approve firing themselves from such a cushy job!

There are currently three vaccines in Phase 3 trials and once completed will seek approval from the FDA for widespread distribution and administration. Thanks to Operation Warp Speed, the distribution network is already in place and the federal government has invested in production of several of these vaccines in bulk. The hope is once the Phase 3 trials have been completed and the FDA has approved the vaccines, rapid distribution and administration can begin. Vaccination priorities are being established both on the basis of medical need and on the basis of “essential” worker status. Some polls have suggested that less than 50% of the population is willing to take the vaccine. We will likely need closer to 75-80% vaccine compliance to reach “herd immunity” where everyone will be protected. There are still many questions yet to be answered, but one fact is certain; vaccines are safer than the disease itself in almost every case.

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