Politics & Vaccines

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease adviser on President Trump’s coronavirus Task Force, has stated that a vaccine for the virus could be available earlier than anticipated. That assumes one or more of the vaccines currently in Phase 3 trials produces “overwhelmingly positive” results. The vaccine trials are being closely monitored by the Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMD). Two of the trials are scheduled for completion by year’s end, however if one or more of the ongoing trials is showing undeniably positive or negative results, the DSMD has the authority to terminate a trial early. In situations where a drug or vaccine shows unmistakable benefit over placebo, researchers have a moral obligation to end a trial and make the effective drug or vaccine available to everyone. Washington, D.C. is controlled by politics and money, both of which are sponsoring a false narrative that the President is applying pressure to Dr. Fauci and the DSMD to “rush” the vaccine development process. The DSMD is composed non-government experts in vaccine science and biostatistics. Most are faculty members at major medical schools and are only concerned with research, independent of government influence. At the beginning of every vaccine study criteria are established that would result in the trial being halted. The decision to halt a study, however, is only made by the researchers running it. If stopped due to overwhelmingly positive results, the vaccine manufacturer can apply to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for an emergency use authorization. If emergency use is declined then the regular drug approval process requires more time and evidence.

The MSM has not been helpful in dealing with the coronavirus from Day 1. They have promoted an atmosphere of fear and hysteria. The latest useless MSM contribution is the unsubstantiated, vicious claim that President Trump is applying political pressure to the FDA to approve a vaccine BEFORE the election on November 3. This is yet another example of the type of irresponsible lies and accusations that are spread by the biased media. Convincing the public that vaccines are being rushed into production is undermining overall confidence that any vaccine is safe. Polls suggest that 50% or less of the public plan to receive the vaccine. That poor response could be related to the media’s scare tactics. By saying the President is pushing a vaccine for the November presidential election will destroy American’s confidence in the scientific community and FDA. Although he’s never given any credit, the President wisely initiated Operation Warp Speed that encouraged the private sector development of multiple vaccines. Operation Warp Speed helped fund production of the most promising vaccines and established a distribution network for the vaccine once approved. Some states and localities have already been advised to begin preparations for a vaccine late this year. Dr. Fauci has repeatedly stated that people can trust the vaccine process. I for one will roll up my sleeve the first day they say I’m eligible to receive it. Vaccines are preventive medicine at its finest!

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