Attack on the Burbs

Joe Biden is courting the suburban vote and according to recent polls he is leading among suburban women. I suppose women prefer Joe’s low-key, quiet demeaner to the boisterous and sometimes foul-mouthed President. Politicians in Washington are famous for giving fancy speeches but doing very little in the way of meaningful accomplishments. Donald Trump has been plain spoken but has followed through on promises (promises made, promises kept). Suburban women need to realize that although Joe Biden appears to be a “nice guy” a Biden/Harris administration would certainly not be kind to the “burbs.” The Fair Housing Act of 1968 was passed to help end housing discrimination and create more diverse, inclusive communities. Under President Obama the Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing Rule extended that principles of the act. This rule tied federal funds given to participating localities (cities, counties, states, and public housing agencies “PHAs”) with offering an effective approach that would 1) overcome historic patterns of segregation and 2) foster inclusive communities free of discrimination. Biden wants to rezone much of the suburbs permitting the expansion of high density, low income housing units into single family neighborhoods. Most individuals move to the suburbs for the tranquility and safety of single family homes in quiet neighborhoods. With the violence taking place in many urban areas, suburban neighborhoods are more popular than ever. Today’s suburbs are fully integrated in most cities as capitalism has “spread the wealth” throughout our society. I doubt suburban women are wanting what a Biden/Harris administration has in mind. Altering the makeup of the community is only the beginning because they want to drastically change schools as well.

Many families move to the suburbs for better schools as well. Biden wants to end charter and private schools and improve the public school system. Joe is beholden to the teachers union who oppose competition and any “quality control” measures. Standardized testing will be removed and much of public education will be “centralized” according to federal standards. The Democrats have always been for big government; centralized education, healthcare and others. As Ronald Reagan said, “Government governs best that governs least.” The Biden/Harris administration has declared they will increase taxes, both personal and corporate. With that as his avowed economic foundation, Joe says he will “build back better” and create millions of jobs. Does raising taxes on everyone sound like a recipe for growth? He also promises to do away with fossil fuels. I’d suggest that everyone go to Prager University’s website and watch their short video on renewal energy. We can NEVER supply all our energy needs with renewables and would destroy the planet in the process of trying. Efficient use of fossil fuels and supplementation with renewables is the most sensible approach. To all those suburban women thinking of voting for Joe Biden, consider what he will do to your schools and neighborhoods before placing that vote.

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