Placing Blame

The Democrats and their allies in the MSM are quick to blame the President for every rise in COVID-19 cases. Most medical experts are actually pointing to irresponsible behavior in young college-age students for most of the recent rise in COVID-19 cases. The media has been determined to blame everything that goes wrong on Donald Trump when most of his actions were done at the recommendation of his “expert” task force. From the very onset of the coronavirus pandemic, those experts haven’t always been correct in their assumptions. Yet the President remains the whipping boy for the MSM’s blame. Today is another example of mixed messages from medical authorities who can’t get their message straight. Early today the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published new information regarding the transmissibility of the coronavirus and recommended guidelines for prevention. The new recommendations suggested that the aerosolized virus remained airborne longer than previously suspected. As a consequence they no longer felt comfortable with the previous six-foot perimeter recommendation as the acceptable measure for “social distancing.” Later today they removed their new guidelines including the idea that the virus could spread beyond the 6-foot perimeter. It’s not clear why the CDC pulled the new guidelines because scientific research has shown that infected aerosol particles can remain airborne longer than was previously thought. I’m not sure why Dr. Redfield had the CDC pull down the new guidelines. Perhaps this is just a temporary move to refine the guidelines before publishing them once again. I think it will emphasize the need for facial coverings when indoors because that is where the risk will remain the greatest. Outdoor activities will always carry a lower risk particularly when humidity and temperatures are elevated. We will see what the CDC recommends as a new “safe” distance in a social gathering and whether that will be different for indoor vs outdoor activities.

The CDC has been criticized recently for contradictory messaging with respect to the testing of asymptomatic individuals, mask wearing and vaccine development. Although the Democrats/MSM fear political pressures are rushing the authorization and approval of a coronavirus vaccine, health officials and pharmaceutical companies pledge to follow every safety standard with no “short cuts” in the process. Some health experts are concerned that Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar will attempt to supersede authority over the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and expedite emergency use authorization of any effective vaccine. There are existing government regulations that would permit the Secretary of HHS to authorize the use of an approved vaccine if there is a public health emergency declaration. This applies to current vaccines but could theoretically be applied to coronavirus vaccines. I have every confidence in our scientific community and that the FDA and CDC will not permit the release of a vaccine that isn’t both safe and effective. I plan to receive the vaccine as soon as it is available to me. It’s unfair to blame a president for an inconsistent COVID-19 response when the advice he receives (from experts) is constantly changing. To think Joe Biden would have done a better job is truly laughable.

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