Temper Tantrum

Like spoiled children who have not gotten their way, Democratic Senators are outraged that Mitch McConnell and President Trump are determined to move forward on a Supreme Court replacement for Justice Ginsburg. Nominating a judge to the Supreme Court in an election years has been done 29 times before so this is not “groundbreaking.” The Democrats are upset over the fact that the President will undoubtedly pick a conservative, constitutionalist judge and that will shift the balance of the Court toward a more conservative leaning. The role of the Supreme Court as originally intended was to “interpret the Constitution” not to make laws as has often been the case in recent in years. Democrats are still bitter over the Merrick Garland nomination by Barack Obama in 2016 (also an election year) that was never allowed to be reviewed in the Judiciary Committee nor voted on by the full Senate. Senator Schumer has declared “total war” in the next Congressional session if Republicans push through their nominee and fill Justice Ginsburg’s vacant Supreme Court seat. Among the battle plans in their total war the Democrats are threatening to eliminate the filibuster and expand the Supreme Court. By expanding the Court they could “pack” it with an unlimited number of liberal-minded justices. Franklin Roosevelt last tried “court packing” unsuccessfully in 1937. The late Justice Ginsburg also opposed the idea, believing that nine justices was the ideal number. The greater the number of justices, the greater the disagreement that tends to take place. Whatever number of justices that are eventually seated on the Court, it should necessarily be an odd number to assure that a decision will always be reached. The Constitution does not designate the number of justices to sit on the Supreme Court, but the current number of nine justices has been in place for over 150 years.

Schumer’s total assault on his Republican colleagues can only take place when and if the Democrats gain control of the Senate, maintain their control of the House and win the presidency. If they are successful in gaining total control in Washington, the Democrats could vote to add the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and even Guam as new states. If that were to occur it could add at least four and possibly six additional Democratic Senators to Congress. That prospect would possibly give Democrats permanent majorities in both houses of Congress. Speaker Pelosi is presently considering another impeachment of the President, since she believes that the House can impeach at will. She has not ruled out impeaching Attorney General William Barr as well. The Democrats are confident of sweeping majorities in both houses of Congress and winning the White House. If they are able to end the filibuster and add liberal District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states they believe their control in Washington will last for many years to come. Politics has always been dirty business but it is getting dirtier by the day. It is little wonder that politicians have such a low approval rating among the public; they’ve earned it!

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