Now It Begins

The President had not even announced his nominee for the Supreme Court to fill the seat of Justice RBG and the MSM was already attacking the front runner for the nomination, Amy Coney Barrett. The Left has two great fears: 1) that the Court will strike down Roe vs Wade and 2) eliminate the remnants of Obamacare. Neither decision would mark the end of the world as states and localities would address both of these rather than the federal government. When Judge Barrett was questioned by the Judiciary Committee in 2017 for her Circuit Court appointment, she stated that she would generally accept precedent and that the role of the Judicial System was to interpret the law not legislate. When running for president in 2016 Donald Trump to appoint conservative judges (and justices) who would follow the Constitution as written. He gave us a list of potential nominees to prove his point and true to form the President has followed through on his first two picks. At her hearing in 2017 the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee made an issue of the fact that Judge Barrett was Catholic. Justice Ginsburg was Jewish and I don’t recall anyone making an issue of her religion. If confirmed, Justice Barrett would be joining five other Catholic Justices on the Court. It is illegal to discriminate when hiring for a federal position based on sex, race or religion. Senator Schumer has stated that he feels in the future Justice Barrett should recuse herself from any cases involving potential election disputes (potential conflict of interest) or those on abortion due to her Catholic beliefs. If that were the case, then the other five Catholic justices would necessarily recuse themselves from any abortion cases as well. One reason to appoint a ninth justice to the Court now is to have a full complement of justices in the event there is an election challenge!

The Judiciary Committee certainly can’t question her qualifications. Judge Barrett graduated the top student in her law class at Notre Dame (unlike Joe Biden who graduated 76th out of a class of 85). She served as a professor there and has been a Circuit Court judge since 2017. She worked with Justice Scalia and admittedly shares many of his philosophies. She is a mother of seven children, two of whom were adopted from Haiti. Instead of being praised as the ideal working mother with a career, the women of the Left are attacking her just the same. It seems the Left can never accept a conservative, especially a conservative woman, regardless of how accomplished. I would normally have suggested that the President wait until after the election to nominate a judge for the vacancy on the Supreme Court. But with all the money pouring into Democratic candidates and the potential for voter fraud with mail in ballots, I think it wise to act now.

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