Deadly Serious

It is no secret that the President and First Lady have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Many on the Left have predictably wished harm and even death for the President. Congress is already discussing the transfer of power, although this is certainly getting the horse before the cart. Treatment of this deadly virus has improved dramatically since it first appeared in the U.S. and hospitalization and fatality rates have also declined significantly. According to the President’s physician, Sean Conley, the President was only having mild symptoms. Nonetheless the President was moved to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where he will be closely monitored should he require supplemental oxygen or even ventilator support. It was reported that the President had a “slight” fever which may have triggered a more aggressive approach that included a dose of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals polyclonal antibody cocktail. Regeneron’s product has completed phase I/II/III studies in non-hospitalized patients with COVID-19, but has only been cleared for “compassionate use” by the FDA at this time. The company’s studies suggest that patients who benefitted the most were those with an inadequate or delayed innate immune response. Although the Regeneron antibodies are laboratory generated they are intended to imitate human antibodies. Treatment is given early in the course of the infection and consists of a one-time, 8 gram intravenous infusion. The President was also started on the antiviral drug remdesivir and OTC zinc, famotidine and vitamin D. Other than his age and obesity, the President has no other risk factors and should recover with a greater than 95% chance of full recovery.

I am pleased that Joe Biden is not attempting to make political gains over the President’s illness. He could very easily have done so since he was critical of the President’s response to the pandemic. Although Biden is acting honorably, he is still not qualified to be president. Biden’s liberal policies would destroy our nation. We would have a return to Obama-era over regulation, over taxation, and job-killing policies that sent companies overseas and tanked our industrial base. We would no longer be energy independent and be at the mercy of unstable, terrorist nations such as Iran and Yemen. Trump is bringing previous adversaries to the peace table because they trust him, unlike politicians in his own country. Biden would weaken our military and allow China and other foreign adversaries to dominate us and the rest of the world. Despite his professed Catholic faith Biden would not protect life in the womb. Each one of us is present and contributing to society because our mothers valued life in the womb. Joe Biden and the Democrats do not represent American values of patriotism, law and order and respect for life.

One thought on “Deadly Serious”

  1. Great to see Trump “leading from the front” via his return to work 4 days after testing positive for COVID. While this may be too early, it shows that the US has made great strides in treating this disease and just like 95-99.9% of Americans, he survived and went back to work. Compare this to the bunker mentality of Ex-VP Biden, who would shut the society down again. Recommend watching The Ingraham Angle from 10/5/20 that had 3 top epidemiologist from around the world stating that Trump’s policies were the right approach in dealing with this pandemic.


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