Impending Doom

Looking at the latest polls may be comforting to the Democrats and Joe Biden, but the current situation looks hauntingly similar to that in 2016 when Trump pulled off the surprise upset. Clinton quit campaigning prematurely relying too heavily on the polls. As in 2016 Biden not only has the polls on his side but Democratic coffers are bulging thanks to a wealthy donor class that was once believed to be Republican territory. Although not campaigning in person, Team Biden is blitzing several key states with millions of dollars in campaign adds. I have watched some of those Biden political adds and they remind me of his former boss, Barack Obama. Both are capable of delivering a good speech but neither Obama nor Biden has ever delivered on their “pie in the sky” promises. One of Biden’s adds promises to create 18 million new jobs in his first term. Knowing that Biden opposes fracking and wants to phase out fossil fuels, how many jobs will be lost in excess of that 18 million in the extensive fossil fuel network? If every inch of America were covered with solar cells and windmills, we would still not be able to fulfill all our energy needs with renewal sources. The “Green New Deal” would destroy our environment in the hunt for trace minerals to build solar cells and batteries to store energy when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. The only “constant” as a renewable source of energy would be geothermal. Even that “renewal” energy source is not practical everywhere in the U.S.

Biden and his socialist friends do not support law enforcement and under a Biden administration crime would certainly increase. Democratic-run cities have done away with bail in many cases and police departments are being defunded. Nearly EVERY police agency in the nation has backed President Trump for his consistent support of law enforcement. The Democrats think they have struck gold by attacking the President on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The President has always followed the advice of his Advisory Task Force but their recommendations often changed as more was learned about this novel virus. I guarantee that Joe Biden would have done nothing more (and probably much less) than President Trump. Biden is a weak candidate who would be impotent in international affairs. President Trump has helped to negotiate peace in the Middle East and has kept our greatest adversaries at bay. Biden will not have the same focus on military defense and we will be at the mercy of an emboldened China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. The other “elephant in the room” is Biden’s declining mental state. Dementia patients can have lucid periods interspersed with periods of confusion. As time passes, the periods of confusion become more persistent and the lucid periods more infrequent. We don’t need to elect to the highest office in the free world someone who is already impaired. Before COVID-19 this would have been “no contest.” We will soon have a vaccine and our economy will return to a semblance of normalcy. Most of Trump’s first term was spent fighting off the phony Russia Collusion investigation followed by the House’s Impeachment. It would be great to see what could be accomplished in a second term with no distractions. The Democrats, on the other hand, would lead us down the path of socialism.

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