The Real Joe

One of the monumental accomplishments of the Trump administration is achieving energy independence. I remember the Carter administration Arab oil embargo that took crippled our economy and led to inflation and President Carter’s demise. I recall gas lines that wrapped around city blocks and the rationing of gas. Everyone is aware of the volatility in the Middle East and it is no small feat that we are free of our dependence on that region for ANY of our energy needs. We not only supply all of our own energy needs but we are now exporters of liquified natural gas (LNG) to many European nations. President Trump has strategically agreed to supply LNG to many Eastern European nations such as Poland as well. President Trump has made an effort to strengthen our ties with Poland and other nations in the region allowing them to decrease their dependence on Russia. The U.S. would be a more reliable source of fuel than Russia and one that would not resort to economic blackmail to impose their will in the region. The President is shifting U.S. and NATO resources from Germany to Poland as a hedge against Russian incursion. For a businessman with no political experience, this president has been a shrewd foreign diplomat. He was also shrewd enough to help broker peace between Israel and two of its Arab neighbors, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain. Despite his numerous accomplishments, the MSM have yet to offer anything other than criticism to a man deserving of a better fate.

The Biden campaign is playing defense and trying to “run out the clock” with a comfortable lead in the polls. Apparently Joe hasn’t learned anything from the last presidential election. In 2016 all the polls had Hillary Clinton with a large lead weeks before the election. Both Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris are refusing to answer the difficult questions that voters have a right to know. Yesterday Joe said that the American voter doesn’t deserve to know his position on “packing the Court” until after the election. He has gone silent on other issues as well but has stated in the past that he is in favor of defunding the police and wants to end fracking and “phase out” fossil fuels altogether. It is impossible to supply all of our energy needs with renewable sources of energy. As our population grows and technology increases, our energy requirements will grow as well. It is ludicrous to believe we can meet those needs with renewables. Suburban women may not be pleased with the President’s personality, but he will keep your neighborhoods safe, the economy growing and our nation safe from foreign adversaries.

One thought on “The Real Joe”

  1. Spot on again Warren! What most people don’t fully understand is that over 6,000 items are made from petroleum and petroleum by-products. This issue is much greater than just paying more for gasoline or heating. So if the American public wants to be dependent on foreign countries for materials needed to make over 600o items and pay for these items…….then follow this insane policy to get rid of inexpensive, domestic fossil fuel. But once the US petroleum industry is dismantled, realize that high paying, blue collar jobs are gone for good in not only this industry, but numerous industries that it affects. There needs to be a massive educational effort to citizens so they fully understand what they are voter for instead of being swayed by poll-tested buzz words.
    On a side note, came in a bit later this morning and you were done by then.


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