Media Hostility

It’s no secret that the media has been biased against Donald Trump since he first announced his candidacy in 2015. October 15, the original date for the second presidential debate, instead became a night of “dueling” town halls. It seems that even the debate commission is biased against the President as they changed the format of the second debate to a “virtual” debate. The official excuse was over concern that the President might still be contagious. The President’s personal physician stated that the President was no longer contagious and had completed all of his medication. The President refused this format as it would potentially give Joe Biden an opportunity to use a teleprompter. The fact that the President could appear in a town hall format with an audience indicates that the original debate could have taken place as scheduled. The NBC moderator, Savannah Guthrie, belied her role as a moderator and acted more like a criminal prosecutor. She spent the greater part of the first thirty minutes aggressively questioning the President. The media believes that the President is a racist so straight away Guthrie hammered the President on that supposition. She asked why he (Trump) hesitated to reject white supremacy. Candidate Donald Trump rejected David Duke’s support in 2016 and has rejected every white supremacy group on numerous occasions since. The media refuses to accept these rejections and still believes the President to be a racist at heart. Ironically the President has gained support among black men and some estimate that he could receive as much as 30% of the black vote in this election. Other than his standing as a Democrat and vice-president to Barack Obama, Joe Biden has done little to help the black community in his 47 years in Washington. As President, Donald Trump was able to push through prison reform, help the passage of a bill to permanently fund HBCUs to the tune of $250 million/year and promoted opportunity or “enterprise” zones in poor inner cities to create jobs and improve the lives of poor communities. President Trump has been a huge proponent of school choice and school vouchers. Joe Biden, on the other hand, wants to eliminate charter schools and strengthen the public school system because he is beholden to the teachers union.

While Joe Biden was once again getting a “friendly” audience and a calming moderator in George Stephanopoulos the President was being grilled by a hostile Savannah Guthrie. Guthrie went after Trump’s personal income taxes and Stephanopoulos brought up how Biden’s DOJ would have handled Trump’s obstruction of justice in the Mueller investigation. The Mueller investigation was based on a corrupt dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton and bogus FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. It also indicates how corrupt our top police force (the FBI) was to have been in on the scheme. The Democrats should hope that the Mueller investigation is never heard from again! This was a huge disgrace to the Democratic Party and the FBI. Town halls should focus on topics most important to the voters: the economy, law & order and the coronavirus. Guthrie was on a mission to expose and embarrass the President. The audience at her town hall was permitted to ask a total of ten questions while Guthrie herself asked forty-three questions of the President. The President seemed to take it all in stride; he is used to being under assault. Guthrie was downright disrespectful and insulting. She would never have spoken in this manner to Barack Obama or even George Bush. True patriots love this president because he is willing to take whatever abuse the media dishes out as part of the job!

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  1. And no one asked Biden about the so called computer emails that belonged to Hunter Biden 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠

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