Thought Control

George Orwell in his frightening novel 1984 depicts a future society in which the population is under constant surveillance. Everything that its citizens are allowed to see and hear is controlled by the state (referred to as Big Brother). In the mythical Oceania you could be punished for not following the state mandated ideology. To keep individuals from straying “thought police” could take one into custody for thoughts outside acceptable boundaries. To express independent thought could be considered heretical. Conservatives feel that college campuses have become microcosms of thought control where only the most liberal points of view are expressed and tolerated. Some students have complained that their grades have been lowered for expressing a conservative point of view or one that is different from the instructor of the classs. North Korea is the nation that most embodies the principles in Orwell’s 1984. Every aspect of NOK citizen’s lives are controlled and they appear lacking in the ability to think for themselves. Many within our society (especially among the younger generation) are increasingly dependent on social media. What we are seeing is an increasing tendency for the two major players (Twitter & Facebook) to censor and block posts that the companies find objectionable. The criteria as to what is “objectionable” is completely up to their own discretion. Many conservatives have complained that their posts have been blocked while many radical Islamic posts with hateful messages are allowed to remain. President Trump has suggested that Congress look at changing or removing Section 230 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that provides immunity from liability for internet providers who publish information that is provided by third-party users. Section 230(c)(2) also protects providers from liability for removal or “moderation” of material they deem obscene or offensive, if done in good faith.

This has become a poignant issue with the discovery of emails on a Hunter Biden laptop computer that was never claimed at a computer repair store nearly two years ago. The emails document Hunter’s involvement with numerous business executives in the Ukraine and China. Hunter was paid millions of dollars to sit on the Board of the energy company Burisma. With no experience or qualifications in the energy field, Hunter was hired for a position that paid him millions of dollars. Obviously Hunter was selling his father’s position to land lucrative positions in both the Ukraine and China. Hunter’s father was not only vice-president but he could control foreign funds to the Ukraine. When a Ukrainian investigator began looking into Burisma and their dealings, Biden ordered that the investigator be fired or the U.S. funds would be held back. The investigator was fired before he could expose the corrupt practices that included the Biden family. The New York Post expose was censored by Twitter and Facebook, another obvious display of liberal media bias. All the major media sources are attempting to sway the election by distorting facts and controlling what we see. Although written nearly 75 years ago, 1984 is coming to pass . If the Democrats win control of both houses of Congress and the presidency, they will stifle conservative thought even further. We will no longer be a free society with freedom of speech and freedom of thought. Mark my word!

One thought on “Thought Control”

  1. Orwell may have understated the influence and control that the unholy Lernaean Hydra of the bureaucratic state, the media , pop culture, and social platforms would exert over the “sheeple”

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