Debate Bias

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years the MSM has been unabashedly biased against Donald Trump. Before he declared his intention to run for the presidency, Trump was beloved by the same people who espouse deep hatred for the same person. Trump is a self-confident, arrogant (at times) but highly successful businessman who was quite generous with his money. He donated to numerous charities and political candidates of both parties. He donated the use of his personal plane to transport sick patients for appointments. He allowed his personal plane to transport troops back to the U.S. from the first Gulf War. His altruism actually contributed to his desire to run for president. He believes in America and wanted to restore its greatness, but just the same he is hated by the elitists in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and the MSM. The debate commission is the latest to reveal their anti-Trump bias by changing the format of the debates. When the second debate was changed to a “virtual” format, the President wisely cancelled. The moderator for the second debate, Steve Scully, was suspended by the network (CSPAN) for lying about having his Twitter account hacked. Scully was an anti-Trumper and would not have been a fair moderator at best. The third debate scheduled for October 22 in Nashville was to be focused around foreign policy. The debate commission has changed the format and added a mute button where only the candidate answering the question will have a “live” microphone. The moderator for the third debate, Kristen Welker, is a registered Democrat who traveled with the Obama administration and whose family donated thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates. That hardly makes her an impartial referee! Will the President be treated fairly during this debate? Even in the first debate it appeared that Chris Wallace was less than even-handed in his questioning of the two candidates. Although the President was criticized for interruptions, it was the only way he could ask Biden critical questions when the moderator wasn’t .

Foreign policy is a particular area of weakness for Joe Biden. Former Secretary of Defense under Barack Obama, Robert Gates, has stated that Joe Biden was “on the wrong side” of every foreign policy issue. This was a member of his own team! President Trump has used our military strategically, and is bringing our troops home from unnecessary wars. Biden has proved to be a war hawk except when he should have done so. He recommended withdrawal of troops from Iraq leading to the rise of ISIS (the “JV team” as Obama labeled them)! Then the Obama/Biden administration did nothing to stop the barbarous torture and rape that took place under ISIS control. They left that mess for President Trump to clean up (who did so quickly)! President Trump realizes that we can’t be the world’s policeman but we can monitor and deploy elite forces with rapid strikes if necessary. We still have superior air power which minimizes the necessity to deploy ground forces. For a businessman, Trump conquered ISIS, bringing many of our troops home and has brokered peace between Israel and several of their Arab neighbors. If allowed to continue who knows what benefits we will see in four years?

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