COVID Misguidance

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that any “FDA approved” vaccines must undergo a thorough analysis by a panel of doctors and experts within the state prior to any distribution and administration to residents of his state. This follows a similar pronouncement by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. These two Governors have completely mishandled the pandemic from the very beginning and large portions of their states remain locked down. Both states have had among the highest infection rates and death rates in the nation despite the severe restrictions on its citizens. Governor Cuomo forced hospitals to discharge infected patients into vulnerable nursing homes and then denied responsibility for the rise in deaths as a result. He blamed the deaths on nursing home staff, President Trump and anyone but himself. Word has it that if Biden is elected president that Cuomo will be appointed as Biden’s Attorney General. It’s inconceivable that such an incompetent individual could be the head of our Justice Department. For Cuomo and Newsom to reject proven science for a perceived political gain is unconscionable. Some of the greatest gains we have made in medicine over the past 150 years is in the area of public health and preventive medicine. With the discovery of microbes we gained insight into disease and learned how to best treat and prevent infections. The benefits of such knowledge were improvement in the quality and quantity of human life. Vaccines have also played no small role in doubling the lifespan of average Americans over that same period.

The Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed spared no expense to develop a coronavirus vaccine as quickly as possible. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been closely involved in vaccine development. They have assured Americans that no shortcuts are being taken in an effort to “speed up” the process. Two COVID-19 vaccines are already being given in China and Russia. China is administering their own vaccine, Sinovac to health care workers and other “high-risk” individuals. The vaccine was approved for emergency use while still in a Phase 3 studies. Sinovac did produce high levels of neutralizing antibodies in test subjects during Phase 2 trials. Russia, which has suffered from a significant coronavirus infection rate, released their COVID-19 vaccine (Sputnik V) after limited Phase 2 trials. The Russian government has even offered to send doses of Sputnik V to the U.S. It was hoped that one or more of the American vaccines would be ready for distribution by the end of the year. Two of the four vaccines being produced in the U.S. have been paused (the Astra Zeneca and the Johnson & Johnson vaccines). This is an example of how diligent these trials are being conducted. It indicates that American Pharmaceutical companies will not risk the health and well being of American citizens. I’m confident that any vaccine approved by the FDA and CDC will be safe and effective. Once I am eligible to receive the vaccine I will be there! Governors Newsom & Cuomo have been total failures and this is yet another example. How many more of their respective citizens will be infected while their egotistical governors play chest pounding games?

One thought on “COVID Misguidance”

  1. Excellent points related to the science of managing this disease. Interesting how this has been turned upside with the accusations that Republicans are not following the science but the politics. I also trust US Pharmaceutical companies to produce safe and effective treatments and vaccines. I will not hesitate to take the vaccine once it is approved for use. Thank you for bringing your informed medical opinion to this public forum.

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