Nation Divided

Joe Biden is campaigning on a theme of uniting the nation and restoring the “soul” of the nation. It appears that Mr. Biden is being more than a little hypocritical and condescending of the behavior of others while overlooking his own misdeeds. Mr. Biden professes to be a faithful Catholic but chooses to follow the Church’s teachings when it suits his needs. The Biden family chose to ignore the seventh commandment “Thou Shalt Not Steal” by taking money from several foreign nations that was not rightfully earned. That money was given to purchase influence in the Obama administration. It “smoothed over” Chinese acquisition of American-based companies from which they could then acquire American technology. This was only the beginning because the Chinese have countless material on Hunter that could be used for purposes of blackmail that would keep a future President Biden “in line” with Chinese demands. A President Biden would be a foreign policy disaster for America, afraid to offend many of our adversaries. Biden would not only be controlled by many of our enemies but by the progressive wing of the Democratic party. His Cabinet will consist of such radicals as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Beta O’Rourke. They will push through a socialist agenda that will seek to further divide the nation. They will take revenge on former Trump supporters and try to eliminate the Republican party altogether. If you believe Democrats truly want unity then I have an island in New York to sell you!

Biden has recently resorted to calling Trump supporters names. Hillary famously labeled them “deplorables” and Biden is calling them “chumps” and “ugly.” I think it was preferable when he stayed in his basement and didn’t insult people. Calling people names is a symptom of the dementia from which Biden suffers. More than 50% of Americans believe that Biden wouldn’t complete a full 4-yr term as president. If that is the case, then why elect him in the first place? Kamala Harris would complete Biden’s term in the event that he was declared incapable of the job. Harris has been called the most liberal Senator in the Senate (even more liberal than Bernie Sanders). As Chuck Schumer has stated, “everything is on the table,” meaning court packing, adding to statehood Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia and Guam. Who knows what other radical ideas Senator Schumer has in mind. The Democrats are not wanting bipartisanship, they are wanting to crush their opposition so that they can pass their agenda at will. If we are to remain a nation with the free exchange of ideas we must retain a strong two party system. The radical Democrats are beginning to sound more like Mao China or Lenin Russia than the America hundreds of thousands of patriots have fought and died for. Live free or die is more than a motto, it is a way of life for most Americans.

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