Battle for PA

The 2020 presidential battle may come down to the 20 electoral votes allocated to the state of Pennsylvania. Known as the Keystone State, Pennsylvania has traditionally voted Democratic largely because of its strong blue collar work force. Donald Trump turned the once reliably “blue” state “red” in 2016 thanks to his appeal to working class voters. Trump lowered taxes producing more take home pay for hourly workers. Deregulation enabled many entrepreneurs to begin their own businesses. “Hard hat” Donald Trump changed the face of the Republican party in 2016 by campaigning on a promise to “bring back” the manufacturing jobs that the Obama/Biden administration had largely allowed to move offshore. Pennsylvania was once the hub for steel manufacturing in the U.S. but under Obama/Biden, steel mills were idled and cheap, subsidized imported steal was permitted to flow into the country killing our domestic industry. The President stopped this practice by placing high tariffs on imported steal bringing about a resurgence in domestic steal production. The rise in steal production led to increased domestic production in other industries, jobs that Obama said would “require a magic wand” to bring back. In addition to steal production and manufacturing, Pennsylvania has seen a resurgence in oil production thanks to the practice of fracking. Fracking allows for the reclamation of oil and natural gas from fissures in rock formations from the injection of heated liquids. Fracking has been an economic boom for the U.S. in general and Pennsylvania in particular. It has made America completely energy independent. Fracking has helped the state of Pennsylvania more than any since the rise of the railroads. Joe Biden has stated on more than one occasion that he plans to ban fracking and “phase out” fossil fuels altogether. Any alternative to natural gas and other fossil fuels would result in dramatically higher energy costs to consumers and end our energy independence. We would once again be at the mercy of unstable Middle Eastern nations or Russia, neither of whom can be trusted.

The President has an enviable record with which to campaign for a second term. His foreign policy expertise can’t be questioned as he has eliminated the ISIS Caliphate, moved the Israeli capital to Jerusalem, brokered peace between Israel and 3 of its Arab neighbors and has maintained peace in a volatile world. Trump alone has shown the willingness to stand up to China, our chief geopolitical and military foe. It would be a grave error to elect Joe Biden, an individual that China believes they control by virtue of the generous payments given the Biden family for “influence peddling.” Corruption aside, anyone capable of a modest amount of medical knowledge and observational ability can see that Joe Biden is incapable of carrying out the immense responsibilities of the presidency of the U.S. This is the most important office in the world and requires someone with all his faculties and abilities. Joe Biden is lacking the mental capacity and certainly the physical stamina to be president. Joe Biden would be an impediment to carrying out both domestic and foreign policy plans. Radical elements of his administration would be imposing their will on Joe, pushing a socialist agenda and forever altering the fabric of the nation. I believe as many other that this is the most important election of my lifetime (70 years).

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