Final Countdown

With less than 24 hours left in this most significant election in decades, most polls have Joe Biden favored in many important swing states. I’m befuddled at the differences in polling results: some indicating Biden on top by 8 or 10 points while others only 2 and some showing Trump on top. After the 2016 embarrassment when everyone predicted a Clinton landslide, pollsters were supposed to have made adjustments so as not to suffer the same fate. I guess with all the wide predictions one of the polls will likely get it “right” this time. As an admitted Trump supporter I can’t understand how anyone can actually believe that Biden could be a good president. They say past actions are a good predictor of future behavior. As a senator he passed two strong crime bills that incarcerated numerous black men, creating countless fatherless families in poor, inner city communities. Biden opposed school busing for the purpose of school integration. He wants to abolish charter schools and a parent’s right to choose the appropriate school for his/her child. Biden officially wishes to “strengthen the public school system.” But the real reason is the teachers union doesn’t want competition from charter schools (who produce a superior student). The health care and education of a child are critically important to parents. Biden is indebted to unions and the teachers union is among the strongest in the nation. Joe Biden led the effort to tax Social Security benefits, a “retirement” originally intended to be forever “tax free.” Biden, a “taxaholic,” plans to eliminate the Trump tax cuts that benefitted nearly all working Americans. At the same time he says it will only impact those making over $400,000/year. I’m not sure how he figures to only tax high income families; since the “average” worker gained an average of $6500 under Trump’s plan. It will be a bonanza for undocumented aliens as Biden and the Dems plan to grant legal status to the 11 million illegals in the U.S. as well as extend social security benefits to them. Citizenship and voting rights can’t be far behind! A Joe Biden presidency will literally transform America and open the floodgates to immigrants from every corner of the earth.

Before the pandemic we had the strongest economy in the world with the lowest unemployment in nearly every socioeconomic group in history. President Trump was tackling our trade deficit with China and re-negotiated the trade pact between the U.S., Canada and Mexico (USMCA). Everyone agrees the USMCA is much more equitable to the U.S. than the previous NAFTA. Suburban housewives are offended by Trump’s behavior and his tweets. They forget where Donald Trump honed his business skills. The New York business and real estate world is cut throat and the language is to match. You must walk the walk and talk the talk to be successful and get results. He has gotten results as president by talking tough and readily admits he is “not a politician.” He has had the courage to move the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem when “politicians” before him didn’t have the fortitude to do so. He ordered hits on terrorists when others were concerned over the ramifications of such an act. He cancelled bad deals when they were negotiated so poorly that the previous president couldn’t get them approved through the Senate. President Trump is the man Washington has needed for many years. We desperately need to re-elect him to continue his courageous and visionary work. He has had to fight every step of the way against the Washington mob that he calls the “swamp” and the media (also part of the same swamp). Worse yet, we are learning that even the highest levels of the FBI and intelligence agencies are corrupted. We can only hope that God truly blesses America and will see us through tomorrow’s election and the ensuing days thereafter.

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