Intentional Deception

The polls were wrong in 2016, predicting a Hillary Clinton win by signigicant margins. We were told that “adjustments” were made by pollsters to adjust for the secret Trump voter. To no one’s surprise however, the pollsters were no more accurate in this general election than in 2016. In some respects they were worse! We were told just days before the November election that Biden would win Wisconsin by 17 points but as of noon Eastern time on the day AFTER the election the state is still a dead heat. Many conservatives believe that the wildly distorted poll results were a obvious attempt to discourage Trump voters from going to vote in person. Democrats encouraged their supporters to vote by mail and the majority of them did so. For these voters, the polls had no impact on their behavior because their vote had already been cast. A last minute poll showing your candidate “way behind” might make you less likely to drive to a voting location and stand in line for an hour to place your vote. This is an intentional media deception to suppress conservative (likely Republican) vote. The Democrats are the ones screaming about Republican efforts at voter suppression, yet they are the ones suppressing votes. The Democrats have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the presidential race as well as numerous Senate and House races. They (Dems) were desperate to capture all branches of power to unleash their socialist agenda. Gratefully the American people rejected this idea and retained a Republican majority in the Senate to act as a check on Democratic socialism and tax increases. For the time being, state expansion and court packing are safe as well. Wall Street likes a divided government as the Dow Jones zoomed up some 600 points by midday!

There is still hope that President Trump will receive a second term. Vote by mail was hastily thrown together and there are numerous ways to commit voter fraud along the path from voter to vote tabulation. The safest and most secure way to vote is to do so in person. Photo ID is the most effective way to identify and match voter to residence. Voter fraud cheats everyone, especially the legitimate voter. I don’t see why everyone can’t vote in person. The suggestion of “drive up” voting is a workable option and having extended hours for early voting would accommodate everyone. Mailing ballots and then counting them later allows too many places where human error (or human intent) can enter the picture. As for the pollsters, can anyone explain why we need polls to begin with??

One thought on “Intentional Deception”

  1. Spot on as usual! I absolutely believe there was a coordinated effort by the media to suppress Trump voters with fraudulent polls…….some with as many as only a couple hundred respondents weighted towards Democrats and “independents” and only 30% Republicans or Conservatives. The only reason for not counting votes and holding them a few days is to find out how many fraudulent votes are needed for Biden to win. We have almost become VenezulaUSA.

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