Dirty Politics

The Democrat strategy of flooding polling locations with mail in ballots appears to have worked. Was the feared risk from COVID-19 great enough to justify a massive turn to voting by mail or did it merely serve as a convenient excuse? Americans had become accustomed to voting machines whereby election results are tabulated and winners known the night of the election. Voting by mail requires advanced planning, is time consuming and opens a number of sites where voter fraud can be introduced. States that have used voting by mail for several election cycles, such as Florida, have had sufficient time and experience to refine the process in their state. Other states such as Nevada and Pennsylvania who rushed into the process for this election were poorly prepared to execute it in a timely and fair manner. Preparation must begin with updating voter rolls to ensure that ballots ONLY go out to current, living registered voters in the state. Then the ballots must be printed, properly addressed and mailed, allowing adequate time for delivery by the postal service. Once received there must be sufficient time for voters to complete the ballot and place it back in the mail. The Postal Service assured everyone that they had the resources to deliver ballots to and from voters. The final, but most important stage comes in the counting of ballots. Would states and municipalities have the personnel to open and properly document the results of each ballot. Florida permits counting to begin BEFORE election night while other states do not permit counting until the day of the election. Most Americans would prefer to know the outcome of an election on the day of the election, therefore Florida’s practice of beginning to count before election day appears wise. To make matters worse, Pennsylvania and North Carolina are allowing votes that show up days after the election to be counted. Pennsylvania is not even requiring a signature verification on the ballot. Such policies are inviting voter fraud!

Whether COVID-19 concerns justified the increase in voting by mail many irregularities were reported. Before counting of the mail in ballots, President Trump led voting in nearly all states. Republican observers complained that they were not permitted to be anywhere near the individuals who were opening and reading the ballots. How can they serve as observers when they are not permitted to be close enough to “observe?” Observers did note that during the middle of the night hundreds of thousands of votes arrived by mail in both Michigan and Wisconsin when President Trump was in the lead in both states. Both states were subsequently declared for Joe Biden, Wisconsin by a mere 20,000 votes. The President has already asked for a recount in Wisconsin and has filed suit in Georgia and Pennsylvania. The latter two states are still not officially declared. Democrats largely voted by mail whereas Republicans predominantly voted in person. The obvious implication here is that the Democrats KNOW how many votes President Trump has in each state. As a gambler would say “we know what we have to beat.” They can then “discover” just enough ballots to overtake the President’s total and WIN. If this doesn’t sound a bit suspicious to you then you aren’t paying attention! There was no need for all this voting by mail as every precaution was taken at polling stations. The only reason I can see is to cheat!

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