Joe Biden gave an impassioned speech last night in hopes of bringing the nation together and “healing the soul” as he has said on numerous occasions. It was a good speech as speeches go but I’m sure Joe did not write the speech and was reading it from a teleprompter. Trying to be kind, Joe is fortunate to know where he is much of the time. I’m sure he would not be capable of giving a speech on his own. His mentor, Barack Obama, was also a great orator but ruined the country. The Obama/Biden administration overtaxed and overregulated businesses to the point of driving many industries to foreign lands. Under Obama/Biden America lost millions of blue collar jobs that Obama famously said would never return without a “magic wand.” It just so happens that Donald Trump possessed that magic wand because industrial production returned and the economy roared before the pandemic struck. If not for that (pandemic), Joe Biden wouldn’t have had a prayer of getting elected. The only good (in my opinion) to come from the election of Joe Biden is the avoidance of widespread riots that would have undoubtedly taken place had Trump been re-elected. This is proof that the violence in our cities is emanating from the liberal Left and not the conservative Right! Although Biden has the same poetic speechwriters that Obama appears to have had, it is actions that will determine if we will be “one nation.” If the Democrats win the two runoff Senate seats in Georgia and begin enacting their socialist agenda, there will be no reconciliation. Don’t think because Trump supporters aren’t rioting in the streets that they will go peacefully into the sunset. When you have been called “deplorables” and “chumps” for 4 years and constantly attacked by the media, don’t expect them to “turn the other cheek.”

I didn’t hear Joe complaining of the large crowds gathering in the streets of many large cities yesterday to celebrate his victory. He criticized the Trump rallies as “super spreaders” but now it’s a different story when the crowds are HIS crowds. I’m anxious to see how differently he manages the pandemic and if he “takes credit” for the vaccines when they are cleared by the FDA. As for his presidency, let’s see how long the radical Left puts up with the bumbling Joe Biden in the White House before they enact the 25th amendment and push him aside. I hope Jill has a chance to arrange the furniture and put up the drapes the way she likes before Joe gets the boot. The sad part of the change in administrations is the Durham investigation into the FISA abuse by the FBI and Obama intelligence agency and now the Biden family corruption will be buried (just like the Clinton corruption). If you are a member of the Democratic party you’re bulletproof! The Washington Swamp is impossible to defeat.

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