Hypocrisy at Work

Joe Biden has a short memory (or no memory) when it comes to the Logan Act. The Logan Act was enacted in January of 1799 to prevent any U.S. citizen from interacting with a foreign government unless officially designated to do so by the government. The Act was intended to prevent unauthorized negotiations from undermining our own government’s position.  Following Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, General Flynn, (who had served as a senior advisor to Trump during his presidential campaign) was the president-elect’s choice for National Security Advisor. Flynn made a phone call to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak that was monitored as part of a FISA warrant into the bogus Trump/Russia collusion investigation. In a top level meeting that included President Obama, Joe Biden asserted that the Flynn phone call was a violation of the Logan Act. Fast forward to November 2020 and Joe Biden is speaking with leaders of several foreign nations when the current presidential election has yet to be officially certified. Joe Biden is no longer a Senator or vice-president, he is a mere citizen. That is a clear violation of the Logan Act! Everyone understands there are two sets of laws in Washington, one for the Democrats and one for the Republicans. We know that a DOJ within a Biden administration will drop any further investigation of the Hunter Biden foreign influence peddling scheme that was coming to light. Why is it that these potential criminal investigations into Democratic candidates always seem to get deep-sixed while investigations into Republicans seem to go on forever? It may bring an end to the John Durham investigation that was diving into the Obama administration’s abuse of the FISA court. The FBI was spying on the Trump Team during their transition to the White House and the media thought it laughable when the president-elect pointed it out. Donald Trump was never more accurate when he labeled the Washington establishment “the Swamp.”

Joe Biden has already said that he intends on “rejoining” the Paris Accord on global warming. This “agreement” has not been universally accepted (Turkey is not part of the accord) and as of 2017 none of the major industrial nations were anywhere near achieving their carbon reduction goals. China only committed to “leveling off” its carbon emissions by no later than 2030. Then they would reduce their carbon emissions based on the 2005 GDP. President Trump pulled us out of the accord because large-scale polluters such as China and India were not required to reduce their emissions for many years while American industries were forced to absorb the additional costs needed to reduce emissions. Finally the accord was based on promises rather than firm commitments and there were no penalties or means of enforcement for those who did not follow through on their “promises.” The goal of the Paris Accord was to keep global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees C by the end of the 21st century. Even if everyone follows through on their commitments at the Paris Accord, the projected rise in global temperatures will still be 3.2 degrees C. I think Joe has more important things to worry about at the moment than getting us back into the Paris Accord. More on global warming ahead!

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