Party of Violence

For days before the November 3 presidential election major cities were boarding up store front windows in anticipation of post-election rioting and destruction. This was in anticipation of a possible Trump re-election win when there would undoubtedly be widespread violence. According to the polls, Biden had a large lead both nationally and in many battleground states. Democrats were worried that a repeat of 2016 would take place when polls were quite similar yet Clinton LOST to Trump. The nation had come to expect “resistance” to President Trump for the past 4 years and that resistance often came in the form of violence. The Democratic party not only condoned violence but discretely encouraged it by certain members. Apparently they believed that violence and destruction of our cities reflected poorly on the man in the White House. The media often tried to blame violent incidents on “right wing extremist groups.” Right wing violence is a rarity and far outnumbered by left wing violence from groups such as Antifa and others. Often when there is any right wing violence it is only after left wing counter protesters show up. Recent incidents in Portland, Oregon have found “protesters” armed with lethal weapons and blinding lasers intended to cause permanent harm or death to law enforcement. The Democrats have run campaigns that are anti-law enforcement and several within the party are in favor of “defund the police” movements. The Democratic National Convention took place while major rioting and looting was taking place in several major U.S. cities. Despite that the Democratic party virtually ignored the violence and failed to mention anything about the anarchy or lawlessness during the entire convention. No one within the party spoke out forcefully in favor of law and order and against the violence & destruction to our cities. Many people had their businesses destroyed and life’s savings disappear. Mayors of liberal, Democratic cities were telling their police departments to stand down and local District Attorneys were eliminating bail so that these criminals were back out on the street in a matter of hours. This gave us a taste of life under Democratic rule.

The election is over and Joe Biden was victorious, although I will never be convinced that he won an honest election. There were no post election riots, burning of businesses or looting. Trump supporters are disappointed but they are not criminals. Conservatives are God-fearing, hard-working, honest people who will accept results (even though 70% don’t believe the election was fair). If Joe Biden feels we will be forgiving, that is another story. He and every Democrat has called Trump supporters names and made fun of them. So just how would you feel in that situation? If the Republicans retain a majority in the Senate, the damage from a Biden administration will be minimized. The fact that the Republicans gained between 5 & 10 seats in the House shows where America’s politics lie. It is a rejection of socialism and a support for law & order and our police. If the Democrats don’t heed the results of this election they will lose the House completely in the 2022 election. If they (Dems) are smart they will pick a new Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi has nearly ruined her party and the nation as well.

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