End of Moderation

Joe Biden supposedly campaigned as a “moderate” Democrat and boasted about defeating the more progressive candidates within the party. Biden was intentionally selected as a “stooge” who could deceive the more conservative Democratic voters into believing the party hadn’t swung to the Left. Joe promised not to be a part of the radical socialist movement represented by Bernie Sanders and AOC. Apparently the billions of Democratic dollars were well spent as Biden garnered some 5 million more votes than President Trump. Of course that is if you believe these to be human votes and not “computer generated.” There is enough distrust in the Dominion voting system and the “hammar + scorecard” system for creating votes that I and many others don’t believe this was a legitimate election. The media immediately declared Biden the winner before the counting was completed, hoping the President would concede. The MSM was childishly elated but their credibility has long been squandered by their vicious and unjustified attacks on the President for the past 4 years. Until voter accusations are investigated and the recounts completed the President has every right not to concede the election. The man (Biden) who was preaching that he would unite the country is once again attacking the President on a number of fronts. Biden is suddenly blaming the President for costing lives by not coordinating his COVID-19 Task Force with the incoming Biden Task Force. The Biden Task Force is talking mandatory mask mandate and a possible lockdown. President Trump emphatically stated that there will be no lockdown during the remainder of his administration. The President has coordinated with the military to have the vaccine distribution network in place as soon as either (or both) of the phase 3 vaccines receive FDA approval. Distribution will be managed by the military and there is no need for an official transfer to the Biden administration.

Mr. Moderate (Biden) gave a speech in which he talked about his progressive plans for free college to every child with an income of less than $125,000, forgiving $10,000 of college debt for everyone and expanding healthcare to include a public option (medicare for all). If Joe nominates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to his Cabinet, who knows what radical policies they will promote. The President was correct, Joe Biden is a Trojan horse who once in the White House will release all the radical leftists in the Democratic party. Are you prepared for 53 states, court packing and elimination of the Electoral College? Once that is accomplished they will be coming for our Bill of Rights: freedom of speech, religion and the right to own firearms. These are among the first freedoms extracted from the civilian population in socialist and communist societies. If it comes to my liberties, I’m with New Hampshire; Live free or Die!

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