Biggest Hypocrite

In today’s society we seldom settle for average performances. Our favorite athletes tend to excel at their respective sport, actors seek that Academy Award performance and politicians wish to be remembered by their constituents for a job well done. The coronavirus has made life especially difficult for governors who are being asked to make difficult decisions within their states regarding COVID-19 precautions. Several Democratic governors have been particularly harsh in their implementation of restrictions and closures in their states. Ironically the number of COVID-19 infections in the most restrictive states are no better and actually WORSE than in the least restrictive states. The medical community has made great strides in treating the virus but preventing it has remained elusive. Despite the best efforts of medical experts recent numbers have continued to rise. Many individuals who have become infected with the virus have NO IDEA where or how they contracted the virus. Recent data suggests that up to 70% of those infected were wearing a mask most or all the time; that shoots holes in the effectiveness of masks as a barrier to the virus. While imposing harsh restrictions on the citizens of his state, the governor of California was seen dining indoors without a mask or social distancing. When the photos were made public, Governor Newsom made a half-hearted apology. Chicago Mayor Lightfoot was seen partying without a mask to celebrate the Biden election victory. And then remember her famous trip to the hairdresser when others were not allowed the same type of service. When it comes to politics it’s “Animal Farm” where “all pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others.”

That brings me to the Biggest Hypocrite, the governor of New York. This is the man who declared that COVID-19 patients could be discharged from the hospital into nursing homes. When nursing home residents died as a result of his reckless decision he blamed it on the nursing home management, nursing home staff and finally on President Trump. More people have died in New York State from COVID-19 than in any other state. Despite his irresponsible behavior the Governor wrote a book on his “successful management” of the pandemic. His hatred for the President is so great that he refused to accept any COVID-19 vaccine until it had been reviewed by a panel of experts within his own state. In reaction to the Governor President Trump stated that shipments of the vaccine will initially be made to every state except New York. It is up to the Governor to decide when the vaccine can begin shipping to New York. Governor Cuomo then filed a lawsuit against the federal government over his own refusal to accept the vaccine. Governor Cuomo is an egotistical fool who is putting the health of the citizens of New York State in jeopardy. I am personally ready to receive either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine, whichever is approved and distributed to my area first. The safety and efficacy of both are established, the only thing yet to be determined is the length of immunity.

2 thoughts on “Biggest Hypocrite”

  1. On point again Warren! After being in Florida for a couple weeks, where individuals use common sense, verses heavy-handed governmental controls….very low rates of infection, hospitalization, and deaths in a very robust economy. Interesting since this has a much higher risk population, especially this time of year. Keep everyone squared up at AF. We may stay down here till March.

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