Same Old, Same Old

Assuming that the election results are not overturned by the Courts, Joe Biden has gone about picking members of his administration and inner circle. To no one’s surprise Joe is rewarding many of his big corporate donors and lobbyists with senior roles in his anticipated administration. Biden clearly appears to be following the same path as his mentor, Barack Obama who pledged to rid the White House of corporate lobbyists but ultimately did the opposite. That was characteristic of the Obama years; he would proclaim a given policy when in actuality he was directing the implementation of something different. Biden’s choice for Chief of Staff, Ron Klain is a lobbyist for the firm O’Melveny & Myers. Among the firm’s clients are airlines and pharmaceutical companies. Klain even lobbied for Fannie Mae at one time. Biden also appointed Representative Cedric Richmond, a Democrat from Louisiana to be a senior advisor despite the fact he has close connections to the oil industry. That association has often led him to oppose legislation that would restrict the oil industry. Biden picked his former campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon, to be his deputy chief of staff. The company she cofounded has been hired by a prominent lobbying group and may subsequently present a conflict of interest at worst and insider influence at best. Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars in donations that the Biden/Harris campaign received from wealthy donors, the president-elect is now asking for donations to fund his transition team. Just where did all that money go and what was it spent on?

It is increasingly clear that the Democratic party is no longer the party of the average man/woman but now represents the special interests groups, corporations and big unions. One need only look at how Blue states like New York and California are closing schools despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) saying that school attendance is low risk. Up to grade 12 infection rates in children is very low and mortality is a fraction of 1%. CDC Director, Dr. Redfield, said that school is probably the safest place for a child. The Teachers Union has control over the governors’ actions in Democratically controlled states. The Republican party now represents the average, blue-collar worker and small business operator who prefers fewer regulations and lower taxes. The Biden administration will be a rerun of the low-growth Obama years. Our economy is resilient enough for growth to continue despite being handcuffed by higher taxes and regulations. It will be nowhere near what it could have been under another 4 years of a second Trump term of office. Biden will not re-unite the country but further divide us as the Washington elites will alienate the rest of the nation. The Biden years will be known as Obama 2.0.

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