Calvary Coming

It was announced yesterday that the first shipments of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is expected to be shipped on December 11 to numerous locations across the country. That of course assumes that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gives their Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the vaccine. The Moderna vaccine will be seeking an EUA for their vaccine in the near future as well. With adequate public reception of the vaccine we could reach an anticipated “herd immunity” level by the summer months (May/June) of 2021. Authorities believe with this virus that 70% of the population will need to be immunized for the population to be protected. What is most disturbing regarding the vaccines is the number of prominent political figures and television celebrities who are spreading lies about vaccine safety. The lifespan of Americans has doubled in the past 100 years thanks to preventive medicine, and vaccine evolution in particular. Our pharmaceutical sciences are the best in the world and a COVID-19 vaccine progressed 24/7 once the SARS-CoV2 viral genome was known. A Consumer Reports survey disturbingly found that only 12% said they would immediately receive a vaccine once it was released. A substantial 21% said they would wait at least 3 months before receiving the vaccine and another 22% would wait a full year before taking the vaccine. A full 18% said they would never get the vaccine. We will never return to a degree of normalcy unless we reach that level of herd immunity. There are always some within any population who are unable to take a vaccine and then those who refuse to take a vaccine. They will nonetheless still be protected if the rest of the population has been properly immunized or previously infected and recovered. The “herd” is thus protected since the majority is immune.

What may be even more disturbing is the CR survey revealed that confidence in the safety of the vaccine varied significantly by race. Only 21% of blacks believe the vaccines are safe, 41% of Hispanics and 50% of whites. I’m sure this is related to the irresponsible actions of certain celebrities who have said that the vaccines were rushed into production. Dr. Anthony Fauci and other prominent physicians have stated that there were NO shortcuts in vaccine development and they (vaccines) are both safe and effective. As someone who has served in the military and worked in the medical arena, I have received dozens of vaccines and NEVER had an adverse reaction. God knows what diseases I’ve avoided, that’s their purpose. However like everything we do in life, there are no guarantees. If you weigh the risks vs the benefits, the vaccine comes out the winner! I will certainly be among the 12% getting the vaccine IMMEDIATELY when it is available. I’d suggest you do the same.

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