Swamp Returns

Despite the insistence that his administration will not be a “3rd term” for Team Obama, the people that Joe Biden has selected thus far for his team are definitely “swamp creatures” well-known to the Washington political scene. It must be a disappointment to the far Left wing of the party who were hoping for Senator Elizabeth Warren to be picked for Secretary of the Treasury and Senator Bernie Sanders to be tapped for Secretary of Labor. Unlike Trump who championed himself as an outsider, Biden is tapping Washington insiders with many years of political experience. For the most part Joe has been choosing people with a more moderate political leaning. Biden’s pick for Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, opposed Trump’s “America First” policy and believes it is critical to restore relationships with our foreign allies. In the past he praised the President’s approach to North Korea yet was in favor of the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal. It would be a safe bet to assume that Blinken will support a resumption of the Iranian nuclear pact. Many career diplomats believed that Trump’s “go it alone” policy was a rejection of our allies. That type of thinking was typical political shortsightedness; it was a wakeup call to our allies that they needed to assume more financial and military responsibility of their own. America has shouldered the burden serving as the world’s policeman for decades. France and Germany, in particular, have been freeloading when it comes to world security. Biden’s most disturbing pick was that of John Kerry to be his chief of climate policy. Kerry’s blunders as Secretary of State under Obama are legendary, the worst of which is the Iran Nuclear Pact. He and the President (Obama) gave $1.5 billion to Iran and a pathway to a nuclear weapon for what?? Kerry should have been prosecuted for Logan Act violations for trying to renegotiate with the Iranians after leaving office. He is a disgrace!

Jake Sullivan returns as national security adviser and Linda Thomas-Greenfield will be his U.N. ambassador. Former CIA Deputy Director Avril Haines will be director of national intelligence. Biden has selected Janet Yellen as his nominee for Treasury Secretary. Yellen was a former Federal Reserve Chairwoman. John Kerry will no doubt recommend re-entry into the Paris Accord. Kerry has even suggested more stringent CO2 reductions than were recommended by the 2015 Accord. The problem with the Accord lies in the fact that several of the largest polluters, China, India and Russia, are exempt from the restrictions until 2030. There are also no penalties for those who do not meet the Accord’s requirements. In nations where this pact will slow economic growth we can expect to find non-compliance. I think Mr. Kerry will find the U.S. may be the ONLY nation meeting the requirements of the Accord and at great expense to our economy. We will never see the kind of job growth and low unemployment that we saw under President Trump. Apparently Barack Obama and John Kerry aren’t concerned about global warming. Each has bought multi-million dollar oceanfront mansions in Martha’s Vineyard. Kerry spent some $26 million on his home while Obama spent a mere $11 million. Biden’s choice for Chief of Homeland Security is Alejandro Mayorkas, a Cuban American lawyer. We expect him to reverse Trump’s tough approach to illegal immigration and follow the lead of his president. Biden has already announced that he intends to legalize 11 million undocumented immigrants (some estimate the total is 20 million) and giving them a path to citizenship. I’m sure the Dems see these individuals as future Democratic voters. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has already seen a rise in border arrests with the Biden victory and we can expect the flood at our borders to get worse.

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