A Different Approach

Yesterday the president elect, Joe Biden, twisted his ankle while playing tug of war with his dog. According to reports Mr. Biden suffered a sprained ankle and a fractured bone in his foot. He was placed in a boot and will be required to wear that for several weeks. This was headline news carried on all of the major networks and it is in stark contrast to the level of concern (or lack thereof) displayed for President Trump. On more than one occasion prominent network figures and Hollywood stars wished harm on the President. Robert DeNiro said he wanted to punch the President in the face. I don’t think Mr. DeNiro was alone in his sentiment. When Mr. Trump came down with COVID-19 there was a sense of elation among Trump haters and an attitude of “he got what he deserved.” Mr. Biden is a frail-looking, 78 year old man who looks his age and gives the appearance of someone subject to osteoporosis. If Biden has osteoporosis or even osteopenia (mildly weakened bones) every injury, regardless how minor, could result in a fracture. An example being his injury yesterday while playing with his dog. If the president elect suffered a Jones fracture, it could require surgical fixation if healing doesn’t progress as expected. Mr. Biden is already the oldest serving president to have ever served in the office. It is obvious to me (and others) that he (Biden) has mental lapses and his physical frailty could pose problems while in office. With a fawning press nearby to hover over him along with his wife who never seems to leave his side, Joe will be well protected. The new nanny state will begin at the White House.

The big question will be can a President Biden keep up the pace that a U.S. President normally has to maintain? Here at home Joe will have the benefit of the White House staff, Walter Reed Medical Center and a huge support staff. When he is forced to travel he will not have the luxury of all that support. What if something goes wrong when in another foreign country? Apparently millions of voters never considered the medical and psychological condition of Joe Biden and the demands that will be made on him as the most powerful man in the world. Can Joe Biden handle the responsibility and stress involved with the position that he just inherited? As the expression goes, “be careful what you wish for.” At least Joe should be an expert on Social Security since passed legislation to tax it on several occasions and robbed seniors of some of the benefits they were originally promised. Too bad politicians don’t actually have to live by the legislation that they pass.

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