Are You Kidding?

In its latest quest toward irrelevancy Time Magazine has selected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the “Person(s) of the Year.” Joe Biden is a “past his prime” politician who the Democrats felt was a “safe” choice and would be acceptable to the majority of Americans. They wanted someone who could garner votes from both the moderate and progressive wings of the party. Joe lived the greater part of the year in his basement. We don’t know if that was the party’s effort to protect Joe from the coronavirus or from his numerous gaffes and mental lapses. On his few public appearances Joe always wore a mask and read brief, scripted statements. He rarely took any questions and when he did they appeared to be hand-picked from a select group of reporters. Kamala Harris made even fewer appearances than Biden and was less open to reporters than anyone has been in the Trump administration. The only one who did any real campaigning in 2020 was President Trump. In the last weeks of the campaign he was making 4 and 5 stops a day, despite recently recovering from his hospitalized COVID-19 treatment. Neither Biden nor Harris did anything to deserve being elected to office, much less selection as person(s) of the year. Considering the impact of the pandemic on this nation, I believe Time should have named frontline healthcare workers “Person(s) of the Year.” Healthcare providers and nurses faced overwhelming illness and death daily, risking their own health for the needs of others. That is effort worthy of recognition! Time could have also selected the police as their Person(s) of the Year. Law enforcement faced rioters and looters during the countless “peaceful protests” that were destroying many small businesses and threatening to burn down entire neighborhoods. Many police officers were injured while trying to restore order and protect life and property. Even our national guard troops deserve credit for helping to secure city streets from the mobs masquerading as protesters. Our citizen soldiers left their own families to protect other Americans and help restore order among the chaos. Any or all of these groups are more deserving of consideration than the two politicians given the honor.

If we are to be handing out honors in 2020, may I also suggest we honor the pharmaceutical scientists and researchers who pushed the limits to produce a vaccine for a new pathogen in record time. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of lives will have been saved by their heroic work. President Trump gets credit for enlisting the public/private cooperative effort to produce a vaccine by year’s end. It was the efforts of the everyone at the pharmaceutical laboratories who worked tirelessly to reach that goal. Hopefully the vaccines becoming available will allow us to return to life as it once was by mid-summer. Time magazine hasn’t been a real news magazine for many years. This is just the latest example of the magazine’s demise.

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