Open Borders

The election of Joe Biden enters a new era in the approach to immigration that will undoubtedly result in a flood of migrants arriving at our southern border. The word has already gotten out as the first large caravan from Central America is on its way north. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan fears that the progress made along the border during the Trump administration will be reversed under a Biden term of office. By the end of President Trump’s term in office we will have completed some 450 miles of border wall. Commissioner Morgan says the wall is effective and has dramatically decreased border crossings in every area where the wall has been built. The wall also allows his border agents to concentrate on other areas of the border. Our southern border has been a sieve for the flow of illegal immigration, drugs (much of it from China), and sex trafficking. The Democrats like to say that most of the illegal drug flow enters the country through ports of entry. At least there are methods of monitoring at ports of entry and a substantial amount of illegal drugs are confiscated that try to enter in this manner. Biden has proposed enhanced monitoring as a substitute for a barrier at the border and has suggested drones and other mechanisms. Joe has even considered dismantling the “wall.” Monitoring will not stop any illegal activity from taking place and once activity is spotted, perpetrators would be long gone by the time border agents could arrive. Monitoring would do nothing to prevent or stop any illegal activities.

The chief danger from Biden’s “kinder, gentler” approach will be from the crush of humanity risking their lives for the promise of a better life. We have frequently seen the tragic results when migrants pay thousands to coyotes who ultimately abandon them with little food or water before reaching the border. These poor souls are either rescued by border agents or later found dead in the desert. Ken Cuccinelli the Deputy Homeland Security Secretary has already declared that the “Biden effect” would likely result in 140,000 or more migrants a month seeking to cross our border. The president-elect has promised to stop deportations during his first 100 days in office, a message that will only further encourage migration. Biden has also promised to grant permanent legal status to the 600,000+ Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) individuals. Among his “immigration reforms” Biden intends to grant legal status to the 11 million (most believe that number is closer to 20 million) undocumented individuals and provide them a pathway to citizenship. He also wants to expand visas and raise the limit on refugee caps. Bowing to the radical Left, Biden has discussed limiting the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, and reforming their official duties. Many within his party would like to eliminate ICE and CBP altogether. Biden may cancel the special deal that President Trump negotiated with Mexico and other Central American nations to detain migrants passing through on their way north. A flood of migrants will not only be a crisis of humanity but a threat to the American work force. Poverty levels will most certainly rise as few of the migrants are likely to have valuable work skills. If Mr. Biden has his way, the face of America will change forever.

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