Joe The Authority

After spending five decades in the Senate, few Americans can name any “Biden achievements” during his lifetime of government employment. He is the consummate Washington politician who knows how to “work” the system to enrich himself and his family. The media covered up for the family until the election was over and even now simply address the multiple investigations into son Hunter as “tax affairs” investigations. Why would the federal government conduct an investigation into simple tax fraud for over two years? Mr. Biden did not receive his party’s nomination because of his many accomplishments, but rather because he was a typical, non-controversial Washington politician who was capable of conforming to whatever position was needed to get elected. Biden won the presidential election campaigning from his basement because he had nothing to do with his own victory. The forces that were controlling the ultimate results were already set in motion and Mr. Biden was along for the ride! Now that he is president-elect, Mr. Biden believes himself to be an authority on dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. In his rare appearances Mr. Biden could never resist taking shots at the President’s handling of the pandemic, yet Biden’s plans sound remarkably similar to the President’s plans. Mr. Biden originally opposed halting flights from China and called the President a racist for doing so at the time. One stark difference is that Mr. Biden proposes a 100 day national “mask mandate” and was critical of the President for not issuing a similar mandate. Mask mandates are unconstitutional and although they are helpful masks are not the complete answer, particularly when not worn properly. I often see individuals with masks only covering their mouth and chin, leaving an exposed nose. Specimens for COVID-19 are taken from the nose because it is a reservoir for the virus and contains many ACE2 receptors for viral entry. You may as well not wear a mask at all if not covering the nose. Many people who test positive for the virus verify that they wear masks either all the time or most of the time. Simple masks do NOT protect you against the virus; only an N95 medical-grade mask is truly effective in blocking the virus. Avoiding indoor (and outdoor) crowds, frequent hand washing and maintaining social distancing are more effective in preventing infection than wearing a simple mask. Don’t focus on masks and forget about other defensive measures!

Mr. Biden now is highly critical of President Trump for not reaching his goal of vaccinating 20 million Americans by the end of the year. The Pfizer vaccine has been shipped primarily to major medical centers where the proper ultra-cold storage freezers are available. The Moderna vaccine is being more widely distributed to local health departments. It was up to the states to submit their requests to the Dept of Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding the number of doses they would require. The President left the final distribution and administration of the vaccine in the hands of state and local health authorities. Local health officials are best suited to determine the needs of each community. There was universal agreement that first responders and frontline healthcare workers should be the first to receive the vaccine, followed by nursing home residents. This phase of vaccination was delayed due to the extremely high hospital census. Precious time could be spared from patient care for vaccinations. Once healthcare personnel are vaccinated we can expect the process to move more expeditiously. The federal advisory panel of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made recommendations to serve as the guide for who should receive the vaccine moving forward. Individual state health departments may choose their own vaccine priorities however. Senator Mitt Romney was critical of the President for not having a federal vaccination plan that could be shared with every state. Each state is vastly different and should be able to decide their own priorities. The federal government, in cooperation with the private sector, was instrumental in developing multiple vaccines in record time. In general, however, the less the federal government is involved in any project, the better.

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